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How would Shakespeare Write About Kites?

I recently was exploring ChatGPT and asked the AI engine to generate the opening scene for a play by Shakespeare about kites. This is what it produced.

Act I, Scene I: The Heavens Aloft

Enter upon a breezy plain, two friends, merrily wielding strings with kites aflight.

Friend 1: Hark! Behold the zephyrs,

in playful dance they summon,

These gusts, like spirits whispering secrets to the earth.

With deft hands, we command our humble vessels,

To grace the heavens, and join the airy mirth.

Friend 2: Oh, how they ascend, as if defying gravity's grip,

Astride the winds, they triumphantly soar.

See how the kites, like nimble spirits, skip,

Across the azure canvas, forever yearning for more.

Friend 1: As gentle as a lark ascending towards the sun,

Our kites, with wings of silk, embrace the open sky.

Each tug of the string, a symphony just begun,

Connecting earth and air, a moment's eternal tie.

Friend 2: The colorful hues, like jewels set against the firmament,

Cast vibrant spells upon this stage celestial.

In flight, they waltz, in harmony and sweet consent,

A spectacle, orchestrated by winds most celestial.

Friend 1: And as we gaze upon our soaring companions above,

Our souls, too, take flight, unburdened and free.

In their dance, we find solace, our spirits doves,

An ephemeral union of nature's grace and our glee.

Friend 2: For what is life but a tethered kite, seeking release,

Yearning to rise above earthly binds and strife. In this humble act of flight, we find our peace,

A momentary respite from the tumultuous dance of life.

Exeunt, with kites held high, as the curtain falls on their aerial revelry.

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