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What is Fortuna Found?

At its heart, Fortuna Found is the brain child of Nic O'Neill. It is a place to create, play, and fly kites, and a way to foster creating an environment for others to do the same. 

What does the name mean?

Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of 'luck/chance', was said to bestow good 'luck' or opportunity on those that were willing to make the effort. The bold ones, the brave ones willing to set sail in treacherous seas, the ones willing to climb the mountain pass, the ones willing to put themselves out there. Only then would they perhaps reap the rewards, but it was no guarantee. Which leads to a Latin saying that many of us have heard of 'Fortes fortuna iuvat'. Or loosely translated to 'Fortune favors the bold/brave'.


 Some people interpret this as meaning that 'money will favor the risk taker', but I see it as having a deeper meaning. The end goal is not prosperity, but chance. If you are willing to take the risk, you may have a chance of 'fortune'. 


There is something valuable in the experience, and the saying reminds us to value that as well. 

Thus.... I found Fortuna, I found the way to take risks, and to find chances at something greater. 


YES!!  As Fortuna Found grows, it is becoming a 'home' for several folks to showcase and talk about what it is they are interested in.  The main focuse will be centered around Kites and the Kite Community, but who knows... it may grow from there.

With time, their bios will be added here.

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