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 Calling all Dualies! Come to the beach for this free gathering of the two-lined minds. We will have free meals, camping, bonfires, camaraderie, learning, and everything you could ever want in a kite flying camp. On a big beautiful beach in LONG BEACH, WASHINGTON!!!

There is no real schedule, just an awesome weekend of sharing the stoke and having a gathering of like minded folks hanging out.

Here are some key things to know:
1. Friday and Saturday we are going to have dinner for everyone that is attending, and ample room around the bonfire for everyone to join. Breakfast will also be available for campers (and those that want to stop on by) It is a communal meal, so consider bringing something to the table. 
2. There is the main house with some room available for a few campers (FCFS). There is ample nearby lodging for others.
3. The beach is a public beach, but a somewhat remote one. So no need to worry about crowding or finding space for yourself.
4. There is no dedicated clinic or teaching hours, however, there are several master dual line fliers that are happy to share their expertise and help you work on something.
5. This is a no cost event. There will be some swag available for purchase (after we finalize the logo), but, you don't have to pay to attend.
6. See that 'confirmation' button below? If you plan on attending, please hit that and let us know. It helps our chefs know as far as planning for food.
7. We want to encourage everyone to dig deep into their closets and quivers and bring out those sexy dual line treasures you have hiding away. Bring the ones you will fly, and the ones that you don't fly anymore. Bring them all. This is a dualie love fest....


Lastly, we won't say no to quad line or other non dual line kites, but the main focus of the event is for dualies. :)

If you are coming from out of the area and plan on flying in to either Seattle or Portland and need transportation to/from the airport. Please post and let us know!

Have a question, comment, or want to know a bit more?

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