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windless kite festival 2021

How will this work? Well we want to highlight a few of the things that have made Windless Kite Festival so special over the past 21 years. It is the kites, it is the friendship, and it is the expression of pure simple freedom that comes from no wind flying. Since the last year has been such a strange year for all of us, we thought it would be a perfect chance to really embrace those core things that have been a part of the longest running indoor kite festival all of these years. Let's get back to our roots, let's get back to sharing our love, let's get back to the basics. Let's take it back to zero, and celebrate all things no-wind, indoor, and urban kite flying. 

How will it work?

Join us online using the google meet code below. This is a one time only must see event. Much like a regular kite event, this will most likely be your only chance to see these videos!! If you want to see them, YOU HAVE TO BE THERE!!!  Admission is free, however, Windless has typically been a fundraiser for the World Kite Museum. We highly encourage you to donate a few dollars to the WKM if you appreciate what you saw at this festival.



Tune in January 23rd, 2021 from 9am Pacific Standard time to 3pm and join in on the film festival festivities!  There will be Videos, chats, tributes, learning, and more. This isn't something you want to miss. 

We are using Google Meet for this:

If it asks you for a login code please use: veh-hzau-uyg

Add to your own calendar here:



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does it cost anything?

Will my videos be edited?

When do the videos have to be submitted?

where will i find the event on January 23rd, 2021?

will I be able to watch the videos on a later date?

can i use videos that have already been published? Like I put them on facebook already?



If you have issues with the submission form below, please email 

After your submissions you should receive a confirmation notice within 2 days. If you have not, please email

Please upload your video to this dropbox link

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