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Learning to Fly

a journey to dive deeper into kite flying

Flying a kite is easy. Flying a kite well, and well enough that you can perform in front of others, is a whole different beast.  I (Nic O'Neill) have been around kites and kite flying for a long time, but I never really seriously trained or committed to making my skills better. This year, that changed, and I wanted to take you along on the journey. 

It doesn't matter if you are brand new to kite flying, or have been flying for a long time, there is always something new to learn. 

Along the way I will be documenting my progress, talking about lessons learned, sharing tips and tricks, and covering what it is like to get serious about kite flying. I will also be sitting down with some more experienced kite fliers, and performers and asking them for insight. 

I hope you enjoy this little side journey!

Episode 1

So.... I have a secret, and after several years I have decided to finally do something about it. Welcome to my journey as I learn to fly.

Episode 2

Does training for something remind us to be more creative? What do you think?

Episode 3

Fresh off of the Maker Faire tour, found myself at home eyeballs deep in playing catch up..... but the wind was calling my name!  Do you ever have that strong calling to put everything aside and just go fly a kite?

Episode 4 

Went to the local field with the idea that I would work on my stunt kite moves and practice some of the things I learned... fate would have it that I had to do things differently.

Instead of being focused on a training plan, I found that watching and talking with new people (and some old friends) was just as useful to the learning process.  I did get some flying in... and remembered to 'ALWAYS BE WALKING"

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