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WFGKC Update 9.15.20

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this!!?!?!?!? Maybe it is because like many of us, I have not been able to attend any festivals, fun flys, workshops, or general kite gatherings this year and I have come to realize how much I really miss my crazy Kite family. Only 3 more days till the whole thing kicks off, and I am at hyperspeed! By the way, that is also 3 more days that the first batch of T-shirts will be available, so make sure to get one today if you want yours soon!

Looking for the previous update? Check here:

Seminars/Workshops/Break-out Sessions: The FINAL version of the Calendar is here, and boy is it jammed packed. Check it out here: Check the event details for more information about a session or for templates etc... Yesterday I highlighted all of the Kite making/kite building workshops and chats that will be happening, and today I want to tell you about the sessions for the sport kite enthusiasts out there! You don't have to be a sport kite flier to join and participate. :) Friday the 18th

  • 5pm PST Scott Davis of Team Evidence will be sharing his thoughts about pairs and team flying from his 'cabin in the woods'. Followed by a Q&A session.

Saturday the 19th

  • 9am PST Brian Wilson is going to be showing what he has learned about knots and bridles for sport kites followed by a roundtable discussion about bridle mechanics.

  • 10:30am PST is the first Sport Kite Roundtable with an emphasis on 'Progression'. How do you progress as a Sport kite flier, and is there a path, where do you go?

  • 7pm PST is the Second Sport Kite Roundtable with an emphasis on 'Elements'. What are the elements of design, skill, choreography. Are there key elements that can be used as building blocks?

These are not all of the sessions, just a few of them! So stay tuned for a few more highlights this week. If you already know that you might miss a session but REALLY want to participate, let me know. Not only will there be recordings for you to watch AFTER the weekend is over, but I am also gathering questions and comments from folks to be shared during the event. So if you have a question let me know! Challenges: I hope you have had a chance to look at the challenges. Some of you have already entered into a few of the challenges, and it is absolutely amazing! If you didn't know about these, I highly encourage you to go and have a look. Make sure to submit your challenge submissions by the night of September 20th. For more information about the challenges check out: I have been blown away by the folks that have submitted challenges so far and I am working hard on some special awards to show my gratitude for you sharing your journey and being so willing to try this whole idea. The creativity is truly inspiring. Thank you for being so... well.. being so you! Questions: One of the places I am trying to keep updated is the section of FAQ's. Generally, I am pretty quick to respond to emails or messages via social media, however, you can find a lot of answers to the commonly asked questions here: Facebook Event Page: I know not everyone is on Facebook, however, for those of you that are, there is a Facebook Event page dedicated to the We Fly Global Kite Conference and you can find it here: Recordings: Each session/workshop/roundtable will be recorded and uploaded toYoutube after the event just in case you missed one that you really wanted to attend. Several of the presenters have already offered to answer your questions or give you help if you watch one of the sessions in the weeks following the conference. If you already know that you are going to miss a session but have a question or comment/topic you think is relevant, let me know and I will bring it up. You can then see it discussed later in the recording. :) T-shirts: Proceeds from this shirt will go to pay for the initial cost of running the conference, with additional proceeds being donated to the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. You can find out more about the World Kite Museum at Please note, in order to minimize overhead and time commitment, this shirt is being printed in batches and shipped in batches by Bonfire. Those that are in the first batch will receive their shirts between September 25-Oct 8th. You have 4 days left to order a shirt and be in the first batch. You can always pick up a We Fly Global Kite CHALLENGE directly from the Fortuna Found website as well! ______________________________________ Don't forget to share that you are participating or attending! Use that #WFGKC hashtag when you post online. The more folks we get involved the merrier. As always, thank you for joining me on this journey, and I am so happy I get to share the 'digital kite field' with all of you!

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