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WFGKC 9.10.2020 Update

Hey everyone!  Thank you for signing up and registering for the We Fly Global Kite Conference Sept 18-20th. I am really excited about this event and so happy that you want to join. 

I wanted to send out this initial email with some basic information to keep you in the loop. Some of this you may have already seen, however things are being updated almost hourly on my end, and I will be sending frequent emails with those updates leading up to the event. 

Seminars/Workshops/Break-out Sessions:

There are a lot of amazing workshops and seminars that are in the process of being finalized this week. If you look at the calendar on the website at :

Or you can click on this and it should take you to the public all around calendar on Google. 

The two links above are automatically and instantaneously updated every time I make a change or finalize an event, and therefore are the most accurate at the moment. Other platforms (such as schedules posted on Reddit, Facebook, or the Facebook Event) may have delays in being updated. 

When you look at the calendar, those events that are in green can be considered 'finalized' as far as their time slot. Those in blue are still unconfirmed for the time slot. There are still MORE sessions that I have not added to the calendar list just yet, so stay tuned. The expectation is that the full schedule should be finalized as of September 15th. 

Some of the workshops will have included plans, instructions, or more information that you can download ahead of time (or after) and these will be included in the event description AND also shared during the scheduled time. 


I hope you have had a chance to look at the challenges. Some of you have already entered into a few of the challenges, and it is absolutely amazing! If you didn't know about these, I highly encourage you to go and have a look.

Make sure to submit your challenge submissions by the night of September 20th. For more information about the challenges check out:


One of the places I am trying to keep updated is the section of FAQ's. Generally, I am pretty quick to respond to emails or messages via social media, however, you can find a lot of answers to the commonly asked questions here:

Facebook Event Page: 

I know not everyone is on Facebook, however, for those of you that are, there is a Facebook Event page dedicated to the We Fly Global Kite Conference and you can find it here:


Each session/workshop/roundtable will be recorded and uploaded toYoutube after the event just in case you missed one that you really wanted to attend. Several of the presenters have already offered to answer your questions or give you help if you watch one of the sessions in the weeks following the conference. 


Proceeds from this shirt will go to pay for the initial cost of running the conference, with additional proceeds being donated to the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. You can find out more about the World Kite Museum at Please note, in order to minimize overhead and time commitment, this shirt is being printed in batches and shipped in batches by Bonfire. Those that are in the first batch will receive their shirts between September 25-Oct 8th.

You can always pick up a We Fly Global Kite Challenge directly from the Fortuna Found website as well!


Alright, I think that is it for the moment, expect to see another email soon with more information about some of the sessions that are happening and how you can engage with them.

Oh... and check out this video:

One last thing, I swear, the last one, I would love it if you share via your groups and networks that you are attending the conference or participating in one of the challenges. Use the #wfgkc hashtag :) Much love, and I am really looking forward to hanging out with all of you September 18-20th!! If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!


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