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Stunt Kite Camp?

Something that Paul and I have been mulling over for the past few months, maybe for the past year, is the idea of a Stunt Kite Camp. Essentially a get together for dual line pilots to come and hang out, learn from one another, share some brews, hang out around the campfire, and have an all around great time. In the last few days the idea popped back up and gained a bit more traction. What it is looking like is that we are going to host a handful of stunt kite camps. One on the West Coast near our home in Washington, potentially another on the east coast in Florida, and an International one. That last one we are really looking deep and hard into because it will give us the chance to have top fliers from the States and Europe together in one location.

Stunt kite flying (especially in the US) needs a serious booster shot in the ass. It needs to be cool again, it needs to look sexy and fun. We hope to do a bit of that with these stunt kite camps. More details to follow as we get everything lined up and sorted out.


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