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Reflections from the River

Hey all, spent the weekend up in one of my favorite 'natural playgrounds', a glacier fed river in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. I took a video while I was up there of me flying a kite off the forest service road bridge. (Closed for now to vehicles because of the snow and debris) Up river was a winter storm dumping snow and obscuring the view, down river was a bit of sunshine and the whispers of spring. I sat there for a a bit sipping my coffee and reflecting on the passage of time, and how there is grace and beautiful moments when we are caught BETWEEN two 'times'. It is not fully spring... it is not fully winter... it is just this moment right here.

It has me thinking a lot about kites, kite flying, and where not only FortunaFound is/will be, but where the community as a whole is/will be. Are we coming out of the quiet slumps and moving into a new path of growth? What is ahead? Like the seasons, we know that ahead is something vaguely familiar, we know it... but we don't quite know what it will look like till we are fully in the middle of it. I am really looking forward to what is ahead for the kite community and the people that make it.


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