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November 30th, 2020 Kite Newsletter

What an interesting week. Many folks around the world are still in Corona Virus Lockdowns, or have travel and activity restrictions. So what activity can we do that keeps us out playing around AND socially distant? Kites and kite flying! Most of us that have had kites in our lives for awhile know this, but there is a whole group of new comers to kites that are embracing it! There are a lot of other activities out there that keep us distant from others, and it is the perfect time to combine kite flying with those activities! In this weeks newsletter there are a few examples of doing just that. So, why not get out there and try a few of them yourself.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at


Since combining kite flying with other activities is the theme this week, I am including a few tips that are useful for bringing your kites with you.

* Make sure your kite is stored in a secure bag or container. It would be a shame to hike in 3 miles to discover you lost a critical part.

* Keep a small handkerchief or cloth with your kites to wipe them down after flying. While water and sand in small amounts will usually not damage a kite in the short term, better be safe then sorry. If your kite is sandy and wet, you pack it away, then hike 3 miles back to your car, that sand and water could cause damage.

*Short line sets can be very useful. Even if you have never flown on a short line set, consider having a few short ones tucked away in your kit.


Why not try taking kites with you on your next trip to do your other favorite hobbies. Below are a few examples of kites being combined with other simple activities.

From a recent hike to a place called Ancient Lakes:

"I took off just as the sun was beginning to lighten the sky. A few steps in, the sounds of gunfire popped off from the other side of the ridge. Most of the land is open for hunting, and I think folks were out looking for turkey, grouse, or perhaps pheasant. Still, it gets the heart pumping when you are out hiking and listening to the waterfalls, and BAP BAP BAP...."

Video from the hike to Ancient Lakes


Check out famous roller skater Indy Jamma Jones as she combines kite flying with Roller Skating!!!!!!!


Check out the crew at Flysurfer Kiteboarding as they try Kite Biking. Some serious racing on bikes skrrrt! Always finding new ways to have fun with your kites.



For something a little bit different.

Photo: Lauren Trickett Photography After viewing footage of giant octopus kites, the pair decided to decorate the skies of Gracetown with a festival featuring some of the most amazing kite creations in the country.

Michael Alvares from Kite Kinetics will be attending the festival, armed with his arch of 400 kites including a 12 metre whale shark and an 8 metre dolphin kite.

Alvares also has a koala kite that has a velcro pouch that he fills with lollies.

"When the koala reaches about 50 metres in the sky the pouch opens and it rains lollies attached to mini parachutes and helicopters," explained Ms Reed.

Kite flying has been Alvares' full time job for the last 36 years.


Did you know there are two great Reddit Subthreads dedicate to kites? Check them out and interact with folks around the world!

r/Kites - For everything kite and kite flying

r/KiteMakers - for kite making tips, projects, and general sharing.


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