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November 2nd, 2020 Kite Newsletter

November 2nd, 2020 Kite Newsletter

Well, we have made it to the First week of November, and that means we are putting the first month of this newsletter in the history books! The list has been growing, and more folks are signing up each week. Welcome to all of the new subscribers!  Also, a big thank you to a few of you that have sent in some suggestions or videos to share. Look for them in the coming weeks. :)  

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at


Wet kites? Make sure to air dry them before storing them away. While rip-stop nylon is less susceptible to mold, it still can happen. Mold can destroy natural material kites and stain nylon/polyester kites. Prevent this by making sure your kites are clean and dry before storage. 

You can purchase 'ripstop cleaner' from outdoor sports stores, but the best is to use a spray bottle of water with a cap or two of Lemon juice or vinegar. Spray it on the surface, let it air dry (preferably in sunlight). This won't fully remove the mold staining, but it will kill the mold spores. 


2020 Has brought about many changes, but it has not changed our inherent passion and love for kite flying. This is something that crosses all boundaries, all cultures, all ages. 

Last week while strolling throw the fields of Khokana, Nepal, a few children shared their love of kites.

This time of the year is a kite festival like no other in the world. The 'All Saints Day' Kite festival in Sumpango Guatemala. This video is from three years ago, but still rings true today. 


The Dutch Company 'Kite Power' has been pushing the boundaries of using kites for renewable energy. Developing new tethering and self piloting systems, and more! check them out!!

Kite Power Solutions: The new way of harnessing wind energy

Kite Power can replace traditional wind turbines: harvest wind energy with a lightweight Kite

KITE POWER is hiring!!

Are you a kite enthusiast? Well the team at Kite Power (a renewable energy company using kites ) is looking for a 'Kite Technician & Field Operator'. 

"We are looking for a manual labourer and outdoor enthusiast keen on helping out with the maintenance of kites and development of field operations."


For the remainder of the year, Prism Kites is offering free shipping on orders over $50 in the United States! They said they have a lot in stock ready to ship for the holidays. :)

Check them out at :


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