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March 8th, Kite Newsletter

What an eventful week! Spring is nearly here and everyone is getting super excited about the idea of having kite events, and better weather for flying! Did you know that in about 2 weeks there will be a free Virtual Kitemaking conference? Why not start now with building your next favorite kite. There has also been some great bits of news in the kite world, from folks sharing their passion and love, to those advancing 'everyday science' with NASA! Check it out, along with a few other stories in this weeks newsletter.

As always, if you have any questions, or comments, shoot me an email at:


Come join this free kite makers/builders conference hosted by the fine folks at U-MAKE and Fortuna Found. Come join your fellow kite makers, builders, designers, enthusiasts, and more at the Kite Makers Conference! Whether you are an experienced maker/builder/designer or just getting started, there is something for everyone. Much like the wonderful kite making conferences traditionally held throughout the year, there will be chances for you to learn new techniques, engage in fun conversations with pros, and share your own knowledge!

With the current Covid Pandemic, travel to these conferences simple is not possible in person, so, the fine folks at U-MAKE wanted to create a full virtual event that everyone can attend. The best part.... it is free!!!

The Hatchling is a ground-breaking outdoor theatrical performance that will unfold over a weekend of events and reach an extraordinary finale over the coast of Plymouth. Our beautiful visitor will hatch in the city, build herself a nest and then attempt to take to the skies in a bid for her freedom. Along the way, she’ll explore the city, and as she roams, she’ll encounter a series of events from intimate interactions to city-wide performances, prepared especially for her majestic visit.

At the end of her journey our hatchling will undergo an incredible metamorphosis, unfurl her wings, and attempt to soar over the sea at sunset! With a wingspan of over 20 metres, our hatchling is the world’s largest human-operated puppet to attempt flight.

To find out more go to:

Kay Buesing passed away on Thursday afternoon, February 25, 2021, in Long Beach, Washington at the age of 86. She spent the end of her life surrounded by family who adored her, living on the peninsula where she has made substantial impacts for over 40 years.

In her over two decades as the director of the World Kite Museum, Kay helped organize the diverse and widespread kiters of the world with her husband Jim to create a wonderful monument to their community.

If you want to pay your respects, Kay would always appreciate a donation to the World Kite Museum, P.O. Box 964, Long Beach, WA, 98631.

Suspended Observations: NASA Aeropods Win Industry Recognition

Aerodynamically stable and designed to hang from a kite string, Aeropods offer a low-cost, low-risk, opportunity for scientists and students to gather imagery and atmospheric data from an aerial perspective. Geoff Bland, Research Engineer at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Va. and his team won the Educational Institution and Federal Laboratory Partnership award in 2020 from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for their Aeropod technology. Aeropods can be fitted with sensors for aerial imaging, including color, multispectral, and thermal imagery, and in-situ measurements which require that the instrumentation be located directly at the point of interest and in contact with the subject of interest, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction. “We look at the Earth from space and from aircraft,” Bland said. “As we get closer and closer to the surface, we get higher-resolution data. In order to both get that resolution and capture the big picture, we need many measurements at many locations.” Read more at:

Well this is a cool adaptation!!! For those that are fans or attendees of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC: "The National Cherry Blossom Festival will bloom again this spring with an innovative format that honors the tradition of the festival, while prioritizing the health and safety of participants amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The celebration will feature virtual and personal experiences and programs Blossom Kite Fly: Beginning March 22, take a workshop or demo on kite-making. Then, on March 27 and 28, fly your kite in your own backyard and share pictures online" Find out more here:

Catching air: Eastern Idaho snow kiting gets shot of interest during pandemic

The recent pandemic-inspired interest in all things outdoors has put snow kiting on the radar of outdoor recreationists. On many Saturdays this winter, snow kiters can be seen at one of three favorite places in eastern Idaho: Henrys Lake flats north of Island Park, Antelope Flats not far from Ririe and the St. Anthony sand dunes.

Jennie Milton, owner and director of Adrenajen, is a professional kite boarder and snow kiter who bounces between Australia, Bozeman, Mont., and Valdez, Alaska. This winter she held two women’s snow kiting courses in Island Park and had her clients stay at the Springhill Marriott at Mack’s Inn. Several women from across the continent attended the courses. During the summer she wins Kite-Surf world cup competitions.

“I have been snow-kiting in Island Park for about 15 years,” she said in a pronounced Australian accent. “I think it’s a fantastic spot to snow kite. The flats between Mack’s Inn and north are perfect for learning. As you improve there are some other locations just up the road with some great terrain features. … The area has some incredible places no matter what standard you are. The consistency of wind and snow is fantastic.”

Former stunt-kite champion flies kites with keiki at Ward Village

Several parents and keiki got a chance to take advantage of the strong trade winds Saturday afternoon with a kite-flying event at Ward Village. The event featured former US stunt-kite champion and founder of the Hawaii Kite-Flyers Association Robert Loera.

A total of 50 kites were offered to keiki who, along with their parents, were able to watch Loera’s acrobatic sport kite flying and let their own kites take to the sky.

Warm Evening, Warm Orbit Flo Tail Delta


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