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Kite Couple Relationship Quiz

This weekend Paul de Bakker and I (Nic O'Neill) took the Kite couple relationship quiz to see how well we actually new each other.

You should really watch the video for the full answers, and all of our goofiness, but here is a shortened version of the answers.

1. Their favorite kite?

Nic: I think Paul's is the Jinx or the Skate Paul: It is the Jinx

Paul: Nic's is the Skate Nic: Yep

2. How long have they been flying?

Paul: Since 2008 Nic: Sure, 2007/2008

Nic: Paul has been flying since the late 90's Paul: No, 1992.

3. What is their color scheme/choice?

Nic: Slate, Orange, Chocolate, with white/grey/black accents Paul: Yes

Paul: Teal and midnight blue Nic: Yep!

4. What was the first kite they flew?

Paul: It was probably a Rev, or a soft kite like a power kite Nic: Nope, it was a Prism Nexus

Nic: I think it was a classic dual line, something like a stranger Paul: Nope, it was a Speedwing Pro

5. Who is someone they look up to?

Nic: Different times of your life, different people Scott Weider, Team Skydance, Team Airkraft, Team Air-rex, Jens Frank, Level One Guys, Miguel Rodriguez and more: Paul: yes, and more.

Paul: Ron Gibian, Bazzer Poulter, Me Nic: I would add Lindsey Johnson, Ronda Brewer, Scott Davis and Team Evidence, and a few others

6. Where is their favorite place to fly?

Paul: I would say the continental divide in Iceland Nic: YES!

Nic: Beaches of Zeeland, and second would be Beaches in North Carolina, Paul: yes.

7. Would they quit everything and live in a van on the beach and fly everyday?

Nic & Paul: That is a 'Complicated answer'

8. How many kites do they own?

Nic & Paul: It is fewer than others would think

9. Who would be on their 'dream kite team'?

Nic: Skydance, Air-rex, Dominic Guimond, Spence Watson Paul: Sure, sounds right

Paul: Me, and probably Scott Davis Nic: I don't know really

10. What is on their Kite bucket list?

Paul: I don't know. Nic: A major art installation like Jacob Hashimoto

Nic: Flying on stage or for Muse. Paul: yah


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