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January 4th, 2021 Kite Newsletter

Who else is happy to have seen that calendar change from 2020 to 2021!!! I know I was! It may be purely symbolic, but just like having a bonfire it was cathartic to throw the 2020 calendar in the recycling bin and hang up the new 2021 calendar. It wasn't all bad though. Yes, there was a lot anxiety, a lot of pandemic fatigue, and a lot of random other stresses, but there was also a lot of beautiful things that happened, and a few of them are shared in this weeks newsletter. More are being shared on the Fortuna Found Blog, so check it out when you have a chance at

I am looking forward to a fun year ahead filled with kites, and I hope you are too! Would love to know what you are planning for the coming year, or what is on your kite fliers bucket list.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at


Sticky fitting that you can't get the spar into? Well first things first, make sure the part is clean. Sometimes the smallest grains of sand or dirt can make the opening in a fitting too small and rough for your stick to fit in.

Second check to see if the fitting is old. Older fittings, particularly those that are made out of rubber like materials become brittle and less pliable and harder to use. Sometimes difficulty in using the fitting is a sign that it is time to replace it.

Third, use a bit of lubricant. This may sound a little gross, but a bit of spit is a great lubricant (especially on the field) for helping coax fittings into place. It also has the added benefit of being washable and non staining if it happens to get on the fabric of your kite. A little goes a long way. Gross yes, but practical.

Social distancing has brought everyone closer. Tata Wiron, a brand that binds, supports and strengthens millions of lives like no other aimed to put a smile back on the face of a landmark year, 2020, with the release of ‘Kites of Hope’, across its social channels. The film conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson South Asia, is a simple and heart-warming narrative that promises to fly high on melody with “udd chali”, a song of hope in the soulful voice of Dipan Mitra.

In a large empty park in Salt Lake, Kelvin Chun can be found showing off his high-flying skills. The 61-year-old retired teacher is an avid kite builder and flyer.

“All the different aerodynamic concepts are built into this kite,” he said of one of his creations.

Decades ago, Chun learned the art of building Filipino-styled kites from a master kite builder, who took him under his wing.


A Memory of 2020 - Lon Trees

In early August, our 30 year old son, Kyle, took his life. It has been devastating to us as a family and our lives will never be the same.

But with that said these two friends, who have become like brothers to me, have taken the time to help me get my mind off of the pain it is mired in. The first is Andy Sias, up at Ocean Shores Kites. We live in SLC, UT and drove to Kalama, WA to spend some time with my mom and dad. Andy asked and welcomed me out to the beach. We spent an absolutely perfect day flying and talking. I had the opportunity to fly a Jinx that day along with several other beautiful kites. Loved them all. But it was the time spent with a friend that I really needed and I went home with an immense appreciation for Andy! In my opinion, Andy and Brenda are a couple of the nicest individuals one could ever know or have the privilege of calling friends! I also went home with a new Sky Burner Aura and every time I fly it, I remember that day.

The second person that has been a huge help to me is Kent Kingston at A Wind of Change. He is here in SLC and has, on more that one occasion, taken the time to sit, talk and listen to me. One Saturday afternoon he reached out to me and asked it I wanted to spend some time flying. I jumped at the chance. He introduced me to a Focus Manta. That was pretty darn cool as I’d never seen anything like it let alone fly one. And then he let me fly his Sky Burner Widow Maker UL. I loved it and Kent was pretty darn patient in helping me that day! It was a fantastic day and again a great diversion for me. I should also mention his wife Daelyn. I had drove over to Kent’s place the day after Thanksgiving and Daelyn made Kent and I a turkey sandwich that was delicious. I thought it was extremely thoughtful! And I ended up with a almost, if not new, Sky Burner Freestylist. I will remember Kent’s friendship whenever that one is launched!

To say that Andy and Kent are not the absolute best and have not been a huge help to me personally this past few months would be an absolute lie!


Lon Trees


There were a few more things in the newsletter itself, but those have been cut for space for this blog post. Sign up for the newsletter and get the full deal sent to your inbox every Monday morning!


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