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January 25th, Kite Newsletter

WOW!!! First day back at work after the Windless Kite Festival this weekend. A virtual film festival style approach to the longest running indoor kite festival in the United States. This was the first event of its kind, and there was a lot learned about how we might be able to go forward into the post-covid future. I am rather excited to see what has happened already in the hours after. Folks are reaching out to other fliers, looking to build something new, try something new, share something new. This was just the spark to what could perhaps grow to be something wonderful. My biggest take away from the event was the love, encouragement, support, and how good it felt to be sharing kites and kite flying with people all around the world. I hope you are able to find the same in your neck of the woods, and if not, reach out to me and we will make something happen. :)


If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at

The Windless Virtual Kite Festival was on Saturday January 23rd, and it was an amazing success! If you missed it, you can still check out the videos below. Please note, these links will no longer be active after Wednesday, January 27th. Part of the festival was about 'being there'. So, the videos will only be live for 72 hours from the end of the event.

Patrick Tan: Interview

Group 10 as individuals: Donna Houchins

The first We Fly Global Kite Conference was hosted in September of 2020, and was a wonderful success. Thank you to everyone that attended and participated. We are looking at hosting the next one in FEBRUARY of 2021. Stay tuned for announcements in this newsletter, on the website, and via the other Fortuna Found Channels for more information. If you would like to present, moderate, or have questions about the WFGK-C do not hesitate to reach out at

This one will be focused around 'panels' and roundtables. Where you can bring your ideas, your questions, your thoughts, and we can work with one another to find the right answers!

If you are looking for kite making, building, and designing opportunities, well I have some good news for you! In March along with the fine folks at U-Make Kitemakers Retreat we will be hosting a full kite making virtual workshop!!

If you would like to participate in either of these as a presenter, please let me know.

photo care of SkySails Power Will Airborne Wind Power Finally Fly in 2021

An energy technology that even Google parent company and tech behemoth Alphabet couldn’t get to work might finally achieve commercial takeoff this year.

The German company SkySails Power last month announced that its energy kite concept would be taking to the skies this year in the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius. This could move airborne wind closer to commercial success than Alphabet-backed airborne wind power technology developer Makani was able to get before it crashed out of the market last year. “Starting 2021, a large kite will lift off at the eastern coast of the island to generate electricity for the CEB [Central Electricity Board] grid from high-altitude winds,” said SkySails in a press release. Read More:

photo care of Sioux City Journal Okoboji Winter Games still on in 2021, but without most indoor events due to COVID

OKOBOJI, Iowa -- The University of Okoboji Winter Games will look a little different in its 41st year, due to the pandemic, but the key outdoor events will be going ahead as per usual.

The list of Winter Games events this year is somewhat shy of 100, compared to over 150 last year. Still, many of the beloved, colorfully named events -- Kegs & Eggs, the Keg Toss on the Ice, the Boats on the Ice Show, the Broomball tournament -- will be a part of the four-day festival, running from Jan. 28-31. Read More:

So..... This just happened. Something that has been a long time in the works. Something that we are super proud of..... A SPORT KITE PODCAST!!!!!!!!!

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the Sport Kite Podcast where we will be talking about any and all things sport kite related. Over the next episodes we hope to talk about everything from how to set up your first sport kite, to more advanced stuff like how to tweak your trick flying, and kind of a little bit of everything in between. I am your host, Nic O’Neill, founder of, and I wanted to thank you for tuning in and listening.

In this first episode we get to meet the other members of the sport kite podcast: Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Zachary Gordon and John McCracken

Then jump right in to perhaps the most important question when it comes to sport Kites, and that is what is a sport kite.

Give it a like, a love, and a follow. There is a lot more great stuff to come!!!!

Where can you find it? Well it has been submitted to Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple and will be showing there shortly.

For now you can find it on the website at:

In a week or two the Podcast will be listed on the major platforms and you will be able to directly subscribe!!! Would love to hear what you think.

photo care of Bell Collection National Geographic Alexander Graham Bell Goes and Flies a Kite—for Science

When he was 29 years old, Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone—a claim that is reportedly one of the most lucrative ever filed in the U.S. Patent Office. Not long after, the young inventor lost interest in the device and put his growing wealth toward other pursuits—such as giant kites capable of lifting people off the ground. Read More:


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