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January 17th, 20201 Kite Newsletter

This week has been almost solely consumed with two things..... Getting ready for Windless Virtual Kite Festival on Saturday, and launching the Sport Kite Podcast. At the same time there is a lot of work ahead for kitemaking retreats, kite learning opportunities, and more! Next week I will get back to sharing everything that is happening in the kite world but for now, however, let me take this weeks newsletter to share these amazing things that have been a ton of work by multiple people.


If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at

WHEN: January 23rd, 2021. The meeting will open at 8:30am PST, but the event will start at 9am and go till 3pm, maybe longer!!!

WHAT: a one day film festival style approach to zero wind kite flying from indoor to urban, and represented by over 40 fliers worldwide

COST: FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! However, please consider donating to the World Kite Museum

HOW: Saturday, January 23rd join the fun. The videos shown during the event will only be shown during the event!!! This is not something you want to miss

Google Meet Link:

If you have any questions please post them here: Windless Event Page:

Don't forget to like the following pages so you can stay up to date on the event:

So..... This just happened. Something that has been a long time in the works. Something that we are super proud of..... A SPORT KITE PODCAST!!!!!!!!!

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the Sport Kite Podcast where we will be talking about any and all things sport kite related. Over the next episodes we hope to talk about everything from how to set up your first sport kite, to more advanced stuff like how to tweak your trick flying, and kind of a little bit of everything in between. I am your host, Nic O’Neill, founder of, and I wanted to thank you for tuning in and listening.

In this first episode we get to meet the other members of the sport kite podcast: Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Zachary Gordon and John McCracken

Then jump right in to perhaps the most important question when it comes to sport Kites, and that is what is a sport kite.

Give it a like, a love, and a follow. There is a lot more great stuff to come!!!!

Where can you find it? Well it has been submitted to Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple and will be showing there shortly.

For now you can find it on the website at:

In a week or two the Podcast will be listed on the major platforms and you will be able to directly subscribe!!! Would love to hear what you think.


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