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Interview with Steve de Rooy - A Champion!!!

So, how long have you been away from home on this kite trip? I left home February 19 and will be May 9 th

Where have you been during that time? Satun Thailand Feb 21-27 - Pasir Gudang Malaysia Feb 28- March 3 - Kabong March 8-13 -

Flight from Brunei , Miri Sarawak to Flight to Chengdu China March 19

China Spring Kite Festival Schedule: China Kite Festival: March 23-24 Chengdu March 30-31 Chengdu Chongshou April 6-7 Xi'an. April 13-14 Xi'an, Xianyang.

April 19th to 22nd. Weifang.

April 27-28 Wuhan Mulan

May 1-2 Huairen

May 3-5 Korea Uiseong

May 8 I travel back to Canada

This has mainly been a kite trip, but what else have you been doing in between the festivals? This has been all kite festivals trip 12 in total with time in between to recharge and experience the city visited at the time

Favorite memory of the trip so far? So many memories !! But my favourite is the camaraderie and feeling of family and experience the world through the people I meet and how welcome the festivals make you feel when you arrive and the artistry of the kites

Favorite food or drink that you have been surprised to find you love? Baozi (Dumpling) and noodles in a broth

What are two things that are interesting about China that you have discovered? The love of kites truly... there is many years of tradition here

What was the hardest part of the whole trip? Nothing hard at all. :) It’s two thing I love to do traveling and flying kites .... perfect combination for me

What little ordinary thing from your normal life did you find you were missing? Cheese !! I love de Cheese hahahahaha And I think you know what the second one is giggle

How are kite festivals different in China? Sharing of their traditional kites if you show interest they will fill your interest with knowledge and organization of kite festivals is amazing !! There is a lot of money spend on kite festivals here it really shows the opening ceremonies are great !! Transportation, food and lodging is always perfect !! Everything is organized for us

Did anything go wrong that seems funny now? Things can always go wrong and they do but I feel I always look at the positive side of things ... I mean hey I’m traveling flying kites what a honour!! Can’t complain to much giggle

If someone wanted to attend a kite festival in China, what would you suggest they do? Contact someone that goes there

This is only a small part of the hundreds of photos that Steve collected on his journey, go check it out on his Facebook page:


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