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So every October for the past few years there has been this fun challenge called 'Inktober'. The point is to draw something everyday in ink. What is the purpose? Art... creativity... exploration... doing. That is the purpose. It isn't about drawing your best thing, it is about drawing. The creator of Inktober publishes a prompt for each day of the month that is meant to encourage or inspire you. There are no rules that you HAVE to do what the prompt says, and if anything, there are additional groups that create 'other prompts' or 'challenges' as a part of the whole Inktober challenge.

(To find out more about Inktober check it out at: )

I have decided to do the full 31 days of prompts around a kite theme, but recently took to instagram to find a bit of inspiration and noticed that one of the 'other prompts' was the word: KITE. Amazing! Here are some of my favorites.

Melliemacf went simple and minimalist with their kite, but with a little bit of twist when you look closer at the details on the sail of the kite. Someone have breakfast on the mind?

Then this one of someone waiting and testing the wind. Or are they simply thinking about what comes next, or how their day flying went?

This has to be one of my favorites overall, perhaps because they are also incorporating a spooky theme and a black cat. (We have an all black cat. :) )

I really love this one for the cultural representation and the overall imagery.

Last but not least this classic Koi.

Do you draw? Why not try your hand at Inktober. You can get started now, do as many or as few as you want. Just draw for 'art sake'!


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