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I Fly Sport Kites - Mini Challenge

So.. thanks to the inspiration of a few amazing Sport Kite fliers... we are hosting this little mini challenge.

Introducing the 'I FLY SPORT KITES' Mini Challenge. It is simple. Record a 15-30 second video with the following.

1. Introduce yourself 2. Introduce your kite 3. Tell us something you are currently working on!

Are you working on a trick? Or maybe refining your launch and landing... what about you pairs folks? Let the world know!

Load the video to Youtube or Facebook and use the hashtag #iflysportkites. Then share that video on the Fortuna Found Page by 6/30/2019.

In July our little worker bees will gather all of the videos and create some sweet montages of all of the super cool and sexy sport kite fliers out there. Then one amazing sport kite flier will be selected at random to win a prize!!!

Alright.. so.. you non sport kite folks.... stay tuned.... we are going to be doing mini challenges for you too!

Perhaps after you do this mini challenge you might want to try the We Fly Global Kite Challenge?

Looking for an example? We already have the first submission!!


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