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Halfway through day 1!!!

We are halfway through day one, and things are humming along!!! WOAH! So much great information is being shared and hopefully you have been able to join in already. If you have missed any of the sessions so far, no need to worry. There will be recordings of the sessions posted to in the week following the conference.

There will also be an email sent out to everyone on the registration list with direct links to each recorded session.


Saturday March 20th 12:30pm - Donna Houchins - Sharpie Blending Technique - 1:30pm - Mitch Cordover - Dresden Plate - 3pm - HAPPY HOUR - 4pm - Scott Skinner - Three Stick Magic - 5:30pm - Chris Hanson - Scrap Tail Technique - Sunday March 21st 8:30am - Lindsey Johnson - CAD and Printing - 10am - Spencer Watson - What I am Learning from Sport Kite Design - 11am - Jon Trennepohl - Spar Selection - 12:30 - Mitch Cordover - Tools & Tidbits - 2pm - Glenn Davison - Miniature Kite Build - 3pm - Matthew Kuykendall - Chilean/Indian Fighter Kite - 4pm - Finish My Project. - SUPPLEMENTALS Did you miss out on a handout, a link, or something else referenced in one of the sessions? No worries!!! Those too will also be sent out in the follow up email later next week and posted to the website. KITEMAKERS CONFERENCES All of this would not be possible if the path had not already been set by the amazing folks at the IN PERSON kite making workshops. This weekend is just a taster of what you might find at one of them, so please consider going or planning on going to one in the future.


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