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Fixing a tear in a kite sail

Last week I did a video with Paul de Bakker from Level One Kites USA, and we talked about things that you should take care of and repair on your kites. I few folks asked for a follow up video on how to do a simple tear repair with a mylar patch or Insignia tape. Don't let a small tear stop you from continuing to fly, tears in rip stop nylon are an EASY fix. So easy that most of them could be done on the field and you can get back to flying immediately.

Doing this video reminded me of many a field repair, and that brought me to thinking about what is in my field repair kit. This has been gleaned together over the years from various more experienced fliers, and may be of use to you. This is my repair kit that I have that can be used for just about all kites, so I am going to exclude the obvious of spare parts, because that doesn't apply to all.

1. Mylar Repair Tape or Insignia Tape -

- Check out the video posted above for how to do a simple repair on a kite, which can be done on the field. You never know when you need it.

2. Super Glue

- Sometimes it comes in handy with parts replacements on spars or other. Word has it can also be used for sail repair. I have used it on pinhole tears that I had worries about, or if there was stitching looking like it was starting to let go.

3. Few feet of bridle line

- Never know when you need it, but a few feet of it is helpful if needing to tie a new pigtail or replace a bit of bridle.

4. Duct Tape

- Never know when you really need it, but it can hold something together for a little bit till you can do a full repair. You know, important stuff, like a broken shoe, busted sunglasses, stuff like that.

What do you like to have in your kite repair kit?


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