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February 1st, 2021 Kite Newsletter

We have officially made it to the second month of the new year! Already folks have been out flying their kites, some have been making kites, and many have been sharing the love of them online! I hope you are finding a chance to share your love of kite flying as well. There are amazing chances to grab a one of a kind creation (through the Kite Auction, see below), chances to be inspired by great fliers, and the inspiration to brave the cold for a kite festival!!


If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at

Check out Brett Marchels' Sweet Dream of kite flying!

The Okoboji Kite Festival will be held during the University of Okoboji Winter Games this weekend.

Founder Steve Boote says participants will be coming from across the country. "Last year was from all over the world, this year it's from all over the country. This year is more fliers than last year and a lot more kites, but with covid, the international fliers weren'tt able to make it but they certainly are on task to come back next year as we grow it more and more every year. I think last year we had 34 or 35 of the really large kites in the air at one time. This year will be at least double that." ....

Read more at the Direct link:

The folks at the American Kitefliers Association have spruced up their website. Give it a whirl at


The first We Fly Global Kite Conference was hosted in September of 2020, and was a wonderful success. Thank you to everyone that attended and participated. We are looking at hosting the next one in FEBRUARY of 2021. Stay tuned for announcements in this newsletter, on the website, and via the other Fortuna Found Channels for more information. If you would like to present, moderate, or have questions about the WFGK-C do not hesitate to reach out at

This one will be focused around 'panels' and roundtables. Where you can bring your ideas, your questions, your thoughts, and we can work with one another to find the right answers!

If you are looking for kite making, building, and designing opportunities, well I have some good news for you! In March along with the fine folks at U-Make Kitemakers Retreat we will be hosting a full kite making virtual workshop!!

If you would like to participate in either of these as a presenter, please let me know.


Make sure to check out out the Kites Fighting Cancer auction going on this week! With over 40 amazing kites from around the world, and all for a great cause.

photo care of Clean Lakes Alliance Kites on Mendota

One of Madison's favorite winter wonders is back on a frozen Lake Mendota! While we can't hold our usual Frozen Assets activities, the popular Kites on Mendota will bring 20 large show kites to the lake, giving the community an event that can be viewed WITHOUT gathering! Kites on Mendota hopes to raise $1,000 per kite in the sky, with a $20,000 goal. So far we've raised $2,500. Read More:

The lost art of looking up: Christchurch's 'kite lady' on 60 years as a high-flier

Whimsy, happiness and the lost art of looking up – VICKI ANDERSON meets high-flier Julie Adam.

A suburban park with a feather of warm wind carving a wave in the grass and a view of Christchurch's Port Hills beyond. A handful of string tightly held. Eyes skyward and a kite delicately dancing in mid-air.

Julie Adam​ has spent a lifetime enjoying these whimsical pleasures. Many know her simply as “the kite lady”.

“I have been flying kites about 60 years,” she says. “There's a picture of me in my pram with a kite tied to it.”

Chinese man tests his DIY dragon kite that is over 100-metres-long Check out this video of this amazing DIY build!


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