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February 16th, 2021 Newsletter

Well, that was unexpected. On Saturday nearly 2.5 feet of snow dumped on the house, which caused trees to topple, limbs to snap, and the power to shut off. Not only did we find ourselves with out power for a little bit, but we also had to strap on the snowshoes to get out of the house and walk down our driveway. Things were a mess for the past few days, but it looks like we have finally melted out and the power is back on! Of course, this means that the weekly newsletter didn't get out on time.... but it is hear now. As we shake off the last bit of snow and clean up the downed trees, we are seeing that a LOT of others in the states are seeing big snow storms, massive power outages, and more! Stay safe everyone, I am thinking of you.


ps. The Header photo for this email is one of our cats climbing out of the snowbank. he was fine, and loves it. He is an adventurous kitty!

Make sure to check out out the Kites Fighting Cancer auction going on this week! With over 40 amazing kites from around the world, and all for a great cause. So far they have raised over $30k!!!

Flying my Kite on Mt Constitution - Orcas Island

Chinese kites adorns New Zealand's kite festival

Hundreds of colourful kites were flying Saturday in the skies of Wellington's Otaki Beach. These kites were made by local designers under the initiative of the China Cultural Centre in Wellington, which attended this festival for the third year running and has attracted significant attention and affection from viewers

KAP captures Outdoor Curling Rink!

Craig Wilson of Kite Aerial Photography shared some photos of the outdoor curling rink at Winnequah Park from a learn-to-curl event on Saturday, Jan. 30.

National Geographic Kathmandu Kites


KATHMANDU KITES: Children fly kites at a boarding school in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their parents are Sherpas on Mount Everest, some of whom risk their lives in hopes of making enough money to provide a more secure future for their families

The folks at the American Kitefliers Association have spruced up their website. Give it a whirl at


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