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December 7th, Kite Newsletter

This last week was rather quiet on the 'kite field'. Weather, restrictions from the pandemic, and other complications are keeping many folks indoors and far from their favorite kite flying fields. Do not despair, there is a light on the horizon! Check out the newly announced changes to the Windless Kite festival that are for everyone. (Details below) Or perhaps try your hand at kite building, or check out what deals your favorite kite store has on offer. You never know, the kite field and your days spent flying kites might be closer than you thought.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at


Trying something new? A new kite, a new kite field, a new trick? Well, this weeks tip is that you embrace the failure and the mistakes as much as you do the success. It is easy to be frustrated by not having the right wind, the right gear, or the right time.

"If you're going to learn and grow, you have to be willing to take chances and make mistakes." - John Mackey


Video from the FIRST snowshoe hike to kite fly of the Winter 2020-21 Season"

This weekend I had a chance to sneak away for my first snow shoe trek of the winter 2020-21 season. Of course, I had to bring a kite with me hoping to find a spot to fly. Usually I pack in my trusty iFlite, but this time I decided to take with me a brand new Prism Zenith 5.


Which got me thinking about how often people experience 'not perfect conditions' with kite flying, or any hobby really, and give up because of it. It is part of the reason I am taking kites with me to places that are not easy to get to. In a small way it helps me put things into context, to see the whole picture, instead of be frustrating by one thing that went wrong."

Check out the full story here: Fortuna Found BLOG

The ever popular Windless Indoor Kite Festival is taking things BACK TO ZERO!!! With a virtual 'zero wind' kite festival for 2021. EVERYONE is encouraged to take part in this event. Whether you have experience flying indoors or in a zero wind environment or not. Check it out!Be part in the first ever virtual Windless Kite Festival and let's make this also the first ever GLOBAL version as well!! This will be a special event with not only group activities, chats, and a few of the other things that make this event so special in person, but there will also be a 'film festival' style approach to the videos featuring you. Yes you, you are the stars of the show!!

Make sure to share this with your friends and start brainstorming how you are going to take your kite flying Back to Zero!!

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For something a little bit different.

Photo care of Minesto An archipelago in the Atlantic is using kite-like tech to produce electricity from tidal power After viewing footage of giant octopus kites, the pair decided to decorate the skies of Gracetown with a festival featuring some of the most amazing kite creations in the country.

A tidal power project located in the Faroe Islands has started to send electricity to the grid, in the latest example of how marine based technologies are being deployed and used around the world.

The small 100 kilowatt tidal kite system, known as DG100, was installed back in October, with commissioning activities starting at the same time.

In an announcement earlier this week, Minesto – a firm headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden – said electricity was being sent to the grid as part of a power purchase agreement with Faroese utility SEV.

Photo care St John Source The Fred Hosts Its First Christmas Winds Kite Festival

The Frederiksted beachfront boutique resort and spa The Fred took the phrase “go fly a kite,” to another level Saturday as it sponsored its first “Christmas Winds Kite Festival.”

The event was in celebration of the return of Christmas winds to the U.S. Virgin Islands and took place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the beachfront of The Fred hotel in Frederiksted.

Participants of all ages took to the beach for some fun in the sun. No registration was required, just a day to celebrate the winds and family with their kites of different shapes and sizes. There were kites in the shapes of butterflies, turtles, fairies, dragons and fighter jets.

Looking for a gift for someone that has never flown kites?

Check out this simple pocket sled from Into the Wind.

Be ready to fly. Packed into a slim 4" x 5"; nylon case, our Pocket Sled is a great kite for young fliers. Soft and safe, with no sticks to break and nothing to assemble, it's made of ripstop nylon. Wind range: 5 to 20 mph. 2'-4"; x 1'-7". It's Ready to Fly with 300' of 20-lb. line on a handle.

Hard to go wrong with grabbing a Prism Gift Card! We will be shipping some off to our friends that are parents so that they can pick a kite for themselves and their kids to enjoy.


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