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Changes on the Kite Field

For those of you that do not know, I have been serving as the President of the American Kitefliers Association for the past 2.5 years, and helping behind the scenes for a few years before that. The AKA is a nationwide non-profit focused on spreading the love and joy of kite flying, and while it is based in the United States, it does have a members from around the world. The AKA has decades of history, tradition, and legacy in the kite community, and I believed that it was serving a purpose. As of last week tho.... I resigned.

It wasn't an easy decision. It has been weighing heavily on my mind for a while.... and while rationally I can look at the good I did, and feel confidant in stepping away, there is that small voice inside that is saying to leave early is failure. It isn't failure tho... it is just a difference in what I want from a non-profit and what the club wants from itself. The plain and simple truth is that it came time for me to step away for my own personal well being, and that of the organization. I do believe in the mission, but the execution of it towards that goal is not where I see my own future. There is no ill will or hatred. If anything there is a better understanding and appreciation for the people that have made the club what it is.

Reflecting on the past and the future

So, yah.... What is ahead? Well, I am taking all of that energy, all of those ideas and bringing them to Fortuna Found. I have a notebook filled with ideas and projects that I was never able to really get off the ground within the AKA, that I will now be trying out here on Fortuna Found. The beauty in doing it here, is there is no risk if the projects fail. I am happy to try, to fail, to learn, and to grow. Sticking with my motto of 'Connect, Discover, Explore' I am opening up this platform to anyone else that wants to try some 'crazy kite ideas' or programs. This is open to everyone. There are no memberships, no clubs, just good old fashioned passion, and playing.

To all of you that I met because of my position at the AKA thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom, experience, knowledge, and even your criticisms. I am more than happy to continue on with the conversations that we began over the past few years. Let's make something great together. :)


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