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April 12th, 2021 Kite Newsletter

This month is just chugging along, here we are nearly half way through April and not only are the first signs of spring popping up (in the Northern Hemisphere) but the winds are changing as well. Things are feeling a bit warmer, the biggest storms are behind us, and we are itching to fly our kites. For many this last year of Covid-19 restrictions has been difficult. We have lost friends and loved ones, and we have lost access to some of our favorite ways of reducing stress.

You may not be able to go get a massage, or go to the club and dance the night away, but you still can go out and fly a kite, enjoy the wind, and breathe the fresh air. If anything the last year of Covid-19 lockdowns has reminded me to take solace and comfort in the simple things in life. To refocus my priorities, to really enjoy every moment I do have. Kite flying has brought that to me all of these years, and now, when I need it the most, it is the there just waiting for me like an old friend. I do sincerely hope that on some level it is the same for you.

Have you seen something that you think should be shared with the rest of the world? Let me know!!

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Expand Your Fishing Arsenal With Into the Blue!

Whether you’re new to kite fishing or looking to pick up a few tips and tricks to up your game, this series has something for everyone. From setting up your rig to reeling in your catch the first time you hook a fish on a kite, the guys at Into the Blue will share their secrets to having a successful day on the water.

All webinars start at 8PM EST, 5PM PST

4/14/21 Prep for Kite Fishing:

Learn what size rods, reels and line to use and the best baits to use for kite fishing.

4/21/2021 Kite Flying 101:

Learn what kites to use in certain wind strengths, how to adjust your kites, weighting and setting up kites and optimal boat positioning for kite fishing.

4/28/2021 What to Do When You Hook a Fish on the Kites:

Plus a live Q&A after the webinar!

Learn what baits to use pre bite, how to hook a fish out of the kite and how to bring in a kite while a fish is on

Read more:

'Hundreds' of kites discarded at Sunshine West reserve after festival

Jessica Gerger, who's the President of Friends of Kororoit Creek, said the group collected "hundreds" of kites and string from Sunshine West's Buckingham Reserve on Monday, after a kite festival was held nearby at the weekend.

"We gathered as much as we could and compressed it all down and stuffed it into the back of our station wagon, and it was an entire station wagon load," she said.

"I think part of the festival was releasing the kites... I think people don't quite think that through, that when you let something go, it's going to come down somewhere."

COVID-19 restrictions hamper kite flying tradition in Guyana

Easter is one of the most observed holidays on the calendar in Guyana and the Caribbean, and a time of the year especially sacred for Christians who observe the resurrection of Christ. But the most exciting, is Easter Monday, a day set aside by families to get together and fly their kites on the popular Sea Wall overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, many others taking trips across the country for picnics and sightseeing. There is an anticipation leading up to the holiday season where kite makers layout their colorful designs at street corners, so starry-eyed children can pick and chose for their memorable experience of kite flying.

SkySails Power airborne wind energy systems tap into the wind's energy at altitudes of up to 800 meters. This allows the delivery of high energy yields even at low-wind sites. Our power kites can also be operated in hurricane and typhoon regions since they are easily retrieved and stowed away before a natural disaster. Thanks to their simple transportation and installation requirements, power kites can even be installed in places that are difficult to access.

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