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6 Kite Videos from Fortuna last year

In December of 2019 I had decided to go all in with Fortuna and see what I really could make with it. Setting a lot of personal goals, some professional ones, and really looking forward to the future. Well... in walks 2020 in all of its finery. BAM. Ugh. Well we can reflect on what a crap-tastic year 2020 was between the pandemic, the general pandemic fatigue, the closure of some of our favorite things, a pause on all gatherings, blah blah blah blah. Ugh. You know what, even though there was a lot of crappy stuff there was also a lot of good stuff. I kind of want to focus on that, what am I proud of that I did during 2020?

First let me start with some of the videos that I am most proud of this year.

1. Introduction to Fortuna Found Tutorials - Ron Gibian & Nic O'Neill

At the time this blog is published, there have only been about 600 or so views on the video, Hardly any comments, and generally not a lot of action. However, this video is a symbol for me. It is a symbol of years of discussions, collaborations, and a lot of prep work. It is the symbol of the start of what I hope will be a valuable resource for many for years to come. I am not fully sure where it will go in the coming year (other than a bunch more tutorials), but I do know that this video keeps making me smile because of all of the possibility!!


2. South Padre Island Kite Festival Indoor - Paul de Bakker & Nic O'Neill

I love flying with Paul, there is something sublime and rewarding about it. I wish it would happen more but I am ever so thankful that not only does it happen, but when we do it we often do it as a part of a performance. We didn't know at the time that South Padre Island was going to be our only kite festival for the year. It is a little sad to think about when reflecting on the year, but nonetheless, I have gone back to watch this video throughout the year.


3. Kite Flying World Record Attempt - Bill Brosius flying 72 kites

This was in the middle of summer, while we were all still fully figuring out the pandemic restrictions and such. Bill has been working on this world record fly for a few years now, and even with the restrictions I was very thankful that he invited me out to join him and capture the attempt. We have been trying to make it happen again..... hopefully get a chance in 2021!!


4. Kite Couple Relationship Quiz - Nic O'Neill and Paul de Bakker

It is no secret that I am madly in love with my partner, and the fact that we share kites and kite flying together is also not a secret. This was a fun video to do with Paul.


5. WFGKC - Sport Kite Roundtable - Topic: Progression - Virtual Recording Session

So this really isn't a video I shot and edited. It is a recording from the virtual kite conference I hosted. I selected this one at of the 20 or so videos because of the importance it had to me and what I am wanting to do. It was this chat that really spurred me to finalize some of my actions for 2021, and to get live and going. The conference happened because I took a chance and just did it instead of waiting around for everything to be perfect..... and well... that was the right kick in the pants to make some of this other stuff happen.


6.Hiking and Kite Flying in Ancient Lakes, Washington

This video made my list because it symbolized the change in my 'pandemic fatigue'. In our state, they spent time trying to figure out what should be opened, what should be closed, how many people was an okay number, how many was to many, masks on every where, or just indoors. They shut down public parks and trails, then re-opened them. More and more folks were getting outdoors (which I love) and more and more folks were crowding the trails (which I don't like) and more and more folks were needing Search and Rescue services (which kept me busy and anxious). While the weather was nice, I stuck around home to avoid the crowds on the trails, and to be ready for that inevitable SAR call. When the weather started turning, and those new to experiencing the outdoors retreated home.... I found myself able to get out and enjoy some much needed solo time hiking. Be out there without all of the added anxiety, stress, and other crap that has built up over the year.


So, there you have it! A different look on 2020 to start off 2021 with fresh eyes and a smile. Stay tuned for more from Fortuna!!!


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