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5 Things I am Looking Forward To.

It feels strange after looking at the list of what was supposed to happen in 2020, and sit here and write a post about what I am looking forward to in the coming year. A year ago I sat here at the keyboard with all of these hopes and ideas.... and if anything, last year taught me not to get too invested in the idea of 'would have, could have, should have'. So, this year instead of highlighting what kite festivals or events I would be looking forward to, why not think about thinks that are rather likely to happen. Or at least dreaming about them brings a smile to my face, and hopefully yours.


1. More Kite Fliers

I work closely with several major kite manufacturers, retailers, and enthusiasts, and something they noticed during our socially distant year of 2020 was an increase in people buying kites. Some sectors faired better than others, but overall there has been an up swell in the overall number of people enjoying kite flying than in years past. We are seeing more people engage in some of the groups on Facebook, I am seeing more people reaching out to me for information and with questions, and more conversations are happening on Reddit, TikTok, Instagram than have been in the past few years. I am hopeful, as are many others, that this is the start of an upward trend..... if anything, it is more people to share the skies with, and that is a beautiful image.


2. More Blended Adventures

If you have been watching some of the videos and photos I have been putting out over the last year and a half, you will notice that one thing I like doing is taking kites with me wherever I go, and sharing how kites can be yet another aspect of an adventure. 2020 taught me that it is these adventures that feed my soul. These are the times that really make me happy, and I love the idea of taking kites into places that normally I wouldn't think about, and not taking the easy road to get there! I am hoping others feel the same way, or feel a drive to get out there and reconnect with the natural world around us. This world is a beautiful and diverse place, and I want to explore it. (with a kite in hand of course!)


3. Sport Kite Camp

I am sad that our inaugural Sport Kite Camp was postponed because of Covid. However, it is looking like we might be able to make it happen at some point in 2021. The idea is simple, like an adult summer camp for sport kite fliers. It isn't a training session, or a festival. It is just a bunch of sport kite enthusiasts getting together, sharing meals around a campfire, telling stories, and flying in an epic location. It is for everyone from the guy with 20 years experience designing, building, and flying sport kites, to the gal that just bought her first sport kite a few months ago.

We can't set the dates for it just yet, but things are looking good that we will be able to make it happen in 2021.


4. Expanding Learning Opportunities

Stripping away all of the kite festivals, and obligations (not that I don't LOVE them) has really shown me that I have fallen short in pursuing my desire to be a better flier, and a better kite builder. Now I have the chance to reaffirm that as a priority, and get to work!

It started with the kite-building tutorials released last spring. I am really looking forward to the learning opportunities that are presenting themselves, and really looking forward to sharing that with everyone else.

By the way, I am working on something with a few of the major kite making retreats to present something for all of the budding kite makers out there... so... STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!


5. Growing

On January 1st, I released the first part of a years long project: This first started from my own desire to learn more about the history of sport kites, and grew into a passion project to save and share the past while fostering the future.

This has been a massive undertaking, and over the coming year is going to require a LOT of effort to keep it interesting, relevant, and at the same time preserving our collective history. I am excited about it..... and thankful to have the chance to work on it when the weather is bad and I can't go out and fly!


Well there you have it..... 5 things I am looking forward to on the kite field this year!!!! What are you looking forward to?


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