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5 Kite Treasures from 2020

Last year I was fortunate enough to be given a few kites, and kite treasures. These are symbols of friendship, art, and they are absolute treasures. Each one is from a different moment in time, and they each have a very special place in my heart. Here they are in no particular order of importance.....



This kite was designed and built by Ron Gibian, a friend, a mentor, and someone that has always inspired me. In a way this was a collaboration between Paul de Bakker (my partner) and Ron. In the end, Paul gifted to our household.... and it now hangs over our bed, and is a beautiful reminder of love, friendship, and more.



This winder came from Lindsey Johnson at the same time that the kite above came into our lives. Lindsey has been a long time friend and an inspiration for many years. The drawing in the corner was a sketch by Scott Hampton, and the title is from the idea of where we were flying felt like driving to the 'worlds end'. Funny to look back on it now and see how it had so many other meanings.



During the We Fly Global Kite Conference one of the attendees shared with me that he had just released a new children's book. The next day he showed up at the World Kite Museum to give me a copy of the book! It is a wonderful story by Jim Mockford and Jenny Farmer with Illustrations by Theresa Johnson. It is now available online through several major book stores, and I recommend grabbing it for your own collection!



This fun and whimsical pieces comes from Fred and Donna Taylor, and I absolutely love it! Made from painted ripstop nylon and it has a bungie on the back that easily slips on like a ring. I can't help but wave my hand around and make the wings flutter!



I have been the proud owner of a few iFlites, and after the one I had broke, Patrick Tan -the designer and builder of the iFlite- sent me a new one. It arrived right as the pandemic was starting to take hold here in the States and it provided a much needed way to fly a kite while not permitted to go to the park or public spaces.

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