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2021 Kitemakers Conference Update

Please note there is a change to the following: Session 5 on Saturday is now Donna Houchins - Sharpie Blending Technique Also the Sunday morning session with Ron Gibian has been cancelled to be redone at a later date. If you have not registered for the event, please consider hitting the registration button at Also don't forget to forward this email or information on to your friends as well!! ___________________________ 2021 Virtual Kitemakers Conference

Mar 20, 7:00 AM PST – Mar 21, 7:00 PM PST

Come join this free kite-makers conference hosted by the fine folks at UMAKE and Fortuna Found. Below is a Schedule of events!

Schedule Saturday March 20th

  • Session 1 PT 7am-8:30am / CT 9am-10:30am / - Frank Sazama - The MegaVented Kite Building

  • Session 2 PT 8:30am-9:30am / CT 10:30am- 11:30am - Andrew Beattie - How to Tangle your Kite LInes

  • Session 3 PT 9:30-10:30am / CT 11:30am -12:30pm - Glenn Davison - Improving the Flight of Reluctant Kites

  • Session 4 PT 10:30am - 12pm / CT 12:30-2pm - Kevin Coleman - Printing and Using Full Size Templates for Applique Making

  • Session 5 PT 12:30-1:30pm / CT 2:30- 3:30pm - Donna Houchins - Sharpie Blending Technique -

  • Session 6 PT 1:30-3pm / CT 3:30pm - 5pm Mitch Cordover - Dresden Plate

  • Session 7 PT 3-4pm / CT 5-6pm - Happy Hour -

  • Session 8 PT 4-5:30pm / CT 6-730pm - Scott Skinner- Three Stick Magic, Working with Paper & Bamboo to make unique and artistic Kites-

  • Session 9 PT 5:30-6:30pm / CT 7:30-8:30pm Chris Hanson - Scrap Tail Technique -

Sunday March 21st

  • Session 2.3 PT 10 - 11am / CT 12 - 1pm - Spencer Watson - What I am Learning from Sport Kite Design-

  • Session 2.4 PT 11 - 12:30 / CT 1-2:30pm - Jon Trennepohl - Spar Selection -

  • Session 2.5 PT 12:30- 2pm/ CT 2:30-4pm - Mitch Cordover - Tools & Tidbits

  • Session 2.6 PT 2-3pm /CT 4-5pm Glenn Davison - Miniature Kite Build

  • Session 2.7 PT 3-4pm / CT 5-6pm Matthew Kuykendall - Chilean/Indian Square Fighter Kite

  • Session 2.8 PT 4-6:30pm / CT 6-8:30pm Finish My Project

There is a special session on both days that should be of interest to everyone. On Saturday, we will have a Kitemakers Happy Hour. Bring your favorite drink, your favorite snack and pull up a chair to share your favorite stories and memories of kite makers retreats, or just chat about kites! Haven't attended an in person workshop, don't worry!!! Still come and share your interest in kite making!! The Second special session is on Sunday and that is called 'Finish my Project'. Do you have a kite making project that you started at a workshop but have yet to finish? Do you have questions about finishing? Well bring your stuff and your notepads to this session and let's get it figured out and get that kite flying!

All of these sessions are open and available for everyone. There is no expectation of skill level or ability. Simply come, learn, share. Any updates, changes, or even cancellations will be published via email and to the FortunaFound website. In order to access a session, you simply click the Google Meet link provided above and it will take you to the event. A moderator will give you entry. If you are early, you may be sitting in the admittance queue for a few minutes. As a participant/viewer you do not need a camera, however others may enjoy seeing your smiling face!

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