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List Ten: Ten New/Renewed Things to Try

Drum roll please!!!!! Here is the final list of the ten lists of ten things. Here are ten things that are new (or renewed) that I am going to try this year.

1. Convince my Boss to give me more time off for kite flying - Yeah, I still have a regular 9-5 job in an industrial sector, along with running a non-profit, and helping coach a Roller Derby team. All but that first one easily let me go from my obligations to go fly kites... .. the boss man... not so much. They already did this nice article on me... so... maybe I am taking a step in the right direction?!?! (Love at First Flight) So this is really a 'renewed' item.

2. Watch more 'old kite' videos - Luckily, the World Kite Museum is near by, and it has LOTS of old videos on DVDs and VHS. Some of the classics that I have always heard about but no one can find. I am going to find them..... and might even digitize them and put them online.

3. I will fly my kite wearing a costume at least once this year - For no other reason than to fly my kite wearing a costume

4. To try a mashup of my hobbies - As i was writing this one, a rather famous Roller Derby and Park Skater posted a video of her playing around on skates with a small power kite. I have been wanting to do this exact thing!! Already reached out to her and we are going to work on a project together!!!! Now I want to mash together more of my hobbies!

5. Get a kite related task on GISHWES - To all my fellow Gish-ers. If I can make this happen... the world will be 100% more awesome. For those that don't know what I am talking about.... head on over to and find out more about the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. A week of fun that really does change the world.

6. Create a kite game, and encourage my friends (non-kite fliers) to try it and refine it - I don't even know where to start with this one....but it sounds like a great new adventure to try!

7. Start 3d-printing parts for new whacky kite shapes - I am lucky enough to have a mentor and co-conspirator in creativity that has been eager to help me out with this. Learning all of the ins and outs of 3d modeling has been an interest of mine for some time, and I am excited to learn more about it and create new things with it!

8. Fly Kites underwater - Do i really need to explain this one?

9. Have 'themed dinners' - There are some amazing traditional kites around the world, and, I am lucky enough to not only have the Drachen Foundation nearby and access to their resources, but I also call a few of the board of directors personal friends. I want to try and have a few 'themed dinners' this year where we take a particular style of kite or kite flying, focus on its history and have a meal that speaks to the origins of that kite. Whacky idea, I know, but why not try it.

10. Guerrilla Kite Flying/Gifting - I am going to make a point this year to actively go to various places, call on some friends to show up at random, we will fly some kites, then give them away to bystanders. I have a few kites already lined up for just this purpose.

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