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List Four: Ten Things to Accomplish

Woof.... this is always a hard one. Ten goals for the year... and in keeping with the other lists, this is the ten Kite related goals that I will try to accomplish this year. Yes, of course there are other accomplishment lists I have the rest of my life, but those are boring for the average reader. So, I present to you a hare-brained idea of Ten Kite Related Things to Accomplish in 2019.

1. Build A Unique Kite Installation - I am enamored with creating organic shapes that fly, and have been researching how to shape, bend, sew, lash, and tension the structures. Thinking back on the trip I took to see the Jacob Hashimoto Exhibit (a lifetime bucket list item), I was absolutely blown away by the feeling, the impact, the... well... the magic of the moment. It solidified in me this pressing desire I have had to do something of this caliber. I am not sure how this will look, but it needs to happen. There is a fire in my heart that is driving me to do so.

2. Fly a Dual Line Routine Performance - So, if you didn't know, I am doing this video series called 'Learn to Fly'; in which I have admitted that for all of the experience I have flying kites, I actually really do not know what I am doing when it comes to flying tricks with a stunt kite. I plan to change that.

3. Snowkite/Kiteboard again - I use to play around with powerkites, but it has been so long. There have also been a few surgeries due to joint injuries (and a life changing moment involving water) that have somewhat kept me from getting back up and riding. This should be the year to change that. Weird moments when you know what you used to be able to do, but life changed how you approach things. Somethings are worth fighting for to get back to.

4. Help Develop a Therapy Program - This is something that I have been thinking about and working on for some time, and perhaps this is the year to make it happen. I have witnessed the profound impact that kites can have on people with traumatic brain injury, cognitive disabilities, or physical ailments. I am committing this year to work closely with experts on how we can see kites as a tool to help those folks.

5. Publish Another E-Book/Course - I am not claiming to be an expert in anything, but, I like the learning process and sharing what I learn. One of the best ways to keep doing that is by creating e-books and courses that I can share with others. In fact, I am taking courses on the side of my regular work that will help me be better at sharing what I do learn! YAY!!!!!! I guess I can blame it on this moment...the moment I shared my experience on the TED stage. It makes me want to share moments like that more!

6. Create a stunning Kite Video - Alright folks, this is a hard one. Not only do I want to figure out the 'story line', but also make the video so appealing that others outside of the kite community end up watching this. To the tune of 100k views on Youtube. It is a big goal... but.. it is worth it! Why? Why not. The kite world needs more content and more representation. I just want to add a little bit to that. I am a fan of this series of videos on Vimeo. The quality is stunning, and it is what the kiting world needs.

7. Fly in a Unique Location Every Month - I am a big advocate for taking kites with you everywhere, and flying everywhere. So... I am going to find a different place every month to fly, and capture video and photos of me doing it to prove that kites really do belong everywhere. In the photo below, I am flying my kite in Iceland where the European and American Continental plates are separating. This goes back to one of my 'other rules' that I bring to kite flying, and that is to 'Fly... Everywhere'. Looking for new places to fly, and how you can fit your kite into that space, helps us to work on a creative side of our brain while having fun.

8. Encourage and Bring in Others to the Maker Space - This is a hard goal to 'qualify and quantify'. So, in a way it is not one of those SMART Goals. I know so many amazing kite builders and fliers, and they have so much knowledge to share. They are actively looking for a receptive audience, and.. well.. there is no more receptive audience than that found in a Maker Space. Every time I do a Maker Faire, I am blown away by the people that attend, and what they bring to the table. It is invigorating, inspiring, and it is a massive dose of adrenaline and creativity that I want to share with those with the knowledge. Thus, I am committed to bringing more of the kite people into the Maker Space this year. I started with 2 others. Then it grew to 4. Last year I personally brought ten people into the space. Those ten are now thinking about how they can go forward and spread their enthusiasm. Like this guy: Lindsey Johnson. A Maker at heart his whole life, and one of the most incredible people I have ever met. We are already looking forward to this year together and how we can bring more kites into the Maker Spaces.

9. Work With XXXXXXX to Develop a Kite Legacy Program - For the moment the name and details of this program are being kept confidential. It is something that was discussed last year, and the work will begin this year. Stay tuned for details as more is readily available. Let's just say that I am really interested in capturing the stories behind some of the rather unique kites that are out there. Capture the historicity that is associated with some of the artwork that fills the skies. (By the way, I love that word 'Historicity' it is the historical actuality of persons, events, or things; meaning the quality of being part of history as opposed to being a myth, legend or fiction)

10. Launch XXXXXXXXX in February/March of 2019 - Keeping this one a secret till the day of, really excited about it. Something that has been in the works for several years. This is going to be an incredible chapter in our lives, and I can't wait to see how it plays out. I know... here I am teasing you with this post and not actually telling you what it is. Let's just say it is going to be top notch.

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