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20 Art Pieces with Kites from 2020

There may not have been a LOT of kite flying this year at kite festivals, but there was a lot of solo kite flying, and using kites as the central theme for some art pieces! Bravo to all of those folks out there that shared their art, tried something new or renewed their passion for creating. Here are twenty of my favorite pieces from the year mainly because they captured the real feeling of 'kite flying'.


1. Koi Kites Illustration

This is my favorite piece out of all of them because of the colors and the feeling. I guess you can argue that the koi 'kites' in the illustration really are not kites, they are more like wind socks. However, the play on the koi 'kites' on the pole and the fish swimming through her hair really was beautiful to me. The longer I look at it, the more details I see here and there that just make me smile, so yes, this one is at the top of my list even if it isn't a kite in the purest sense.


2. DIY Go Fly a Kite Automata

Play the video and you might see why this awesome little DIY automata of a girl flying a kite is one of my favorite art pieces! This is made with stuff you have at home, and Rob Ives shared the whole process on how to make one!!


3. Pandemic Fatigue Busting Monster

2020 brought a lot of challenges to folks, and for many, that meant a lot more time spent at home. For those in the city, it is no surprise that some started getting cabin fever staring out the windows. Kudos to Emmacanseemonsters for sharing creations of fun and whimsical monsters drawn on the windows overlooking the city.


4-7. Watercolors with Kites

I have recently rediscovered my love for watercolors because of their simplicity, and ease that you can capture moments. So, when I saw these watercolors with a kite as a central theme, I couldn't help but love them!


8-10 Kites in Ink

Ink is such a fascinating medium for creating art. It can be fine and delicate, bold and saturated, hatched, empty, and everything in between. These 3 ink sketches definitely caught my eye, and each one for different reasons.


11. Boutique Built Kite

Little Cloud Kites has been creating beautiful pieces with natural materials, and beautiful printings on each one. Usually I wouldn't include commercially created pieces in a kite art collection, but Little Cloud Kites has always been an exception. Small batch, boutique built kites that are meant to be treasured pieces in your home. This 'Fearless Compassion' (Name of the print) has been one of my favorites they put out this year.


12. Kite as the Canvas

Gladys Niebla created several beautiful pieces of work using the standard kite Diamond shape as the canvas. Each one is a real treat, and highlights a different emotion. This one really stood out for me because the emotion resonated with my feelings this year. Do you see this one that everything is reaching out from her, or is she drawing everything into her?


13 - 15. Kites as Structural Art

Whether it is a large steel kite from a building in Hong Kong, an interesting take on a new 'headpiece', or your next set of earrings, it is hard to deny that there is some value in having 'functional art'. I liked these three for their quirkiness and their approach.


16 -17. Paintings

These two pieces stood out for the different themes and approaches they had. I kind of feel like both have 'flying in your dreams' as a central theme, but for different reasons. What do you think?


18 -19 Graffiti!!

I love graffiti, and some of the most impressive pieces I have seen have been 'spontaneous' creations. Thus, I have to say that these two art pieces piqued my interest. Both tell a story. What you don't see in the 'kiteart' Ikea style instructions is that these posters were actually pasted up outside around a few cities!!


20. Portrait of a Patang

Lastly I wanted to include this simple portrait of a kid in Mumbai with his Patang. I have fond memories of flying kites in India, and I long to go back. When I close my eyes and think about India, the image I see is something like this. A proud kid showing me their patang.


Well there you have it, 20 kite art pieces from 2020 that I thought were interesting, inspired, or unique. I hope you enjoyed them!!

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