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Strings Of Hope

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Participate in the Strings Of Hope Campaign.
The following is taken from their site:

In these strange, difficult and sad times of Covid pandemic, with lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, with people forbidden to fly kites or even go outdoors, with kite festivals postponed and cancelled, we could all use some messages of hope to brighten our days.
So we at the KAP Jasa kite club from Slovenia got an idea - we call it Strings of Hope.
Remember how we flew messages on pieces of paper to the sky on a kite line? This is what we should be doing again - but on a global scale.
Since we can't socialize and many of us are not allowed to fly kites, we shall get together online. Some of us will write messages of hope, others will fly them to the sky.
Imagine: a child in New Zealand draws a picture of hope that a kite flyer from Slovenia flies on his kite; a worker in India writes a message and a kite flyer from Canada delivers it to the sky; a girl in Argentina composes a poem that flies above the fields in France ...
This is how we connect people of the Earth. We will make sure everyone can see these messages of hope, to enlighten our lives and to remeber us all that we are part of one sky, one world.
We made a short video of what Strings of Hope should be and what it should accomplish:
So ... if you like the idea, please create your Message of Hope for all the people of the world - write an encouraging sentence, maybe compose a poem, or draw a nice picture ...
Then take a photo of it and send it to us (on Strings of Hope Facebook page, or via Facebook Messenger:, or via e-mail: We will fly your message to the sky for everyone to see!
And if you can still fly a kite, we will send you a Message of Hope so you can deliver it into the sky - and take a video of it, so everyone can see it reach the skies above our Earth.


1. Contact Strings Of Hope and create a message for their program.
2. Submit your video with the message you have been given to share
3. In your challenge submission, include the link to the video you created.

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Check out Strings Of Hope on Facebook at:

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