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Publish a Tutorial

This challenge is all about publishing a tutorial. You can publish your tutorial to a DIY site such as 'Instructables', 'WikiHow', 'Youtube', or even here on the Fortuna Found Page! The point is to create a tutorial (of any difficulty) and load it publicly for everyone to see. It does not matter where the tutorial is published.


1. The tutorial can be about anything kite related and can be as complex or as simple as you want.
2. The tutorial can be in any format, written, pdf, video.
3. To submit the tutorial for this challenge, include the website link where it was published.
4. Please do not simply copy someone elses tutorial and publish it to a new platform.


If you want to submit a tutorial to the Fortuna Found Playground space, either use our forum function or email directly and we will get it loaded for you

By submitting an entry to one of the challenges you hereby agree to allow your submission to be made public and shared with the relevant information you supply. (Yes, you can use an alias :) ) Please provide the best email address to contact you at for follow up. Your email address WILL NOT BE SHARED OR MADE PUBLIC without your explicit permission. 

deadline: Midnight Sept 20th 

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