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October 19th, 2020 Kite Newsletter

WOOF! It was a blustery week here in the Pacific Northwest where Fortuna Found calls home. It really shut down any kite flying that we had planned. :'( Oh well, there was still a lot of cool things to read about, great videos to watch, and fun conversations about kites and kite flying with friends around the world!  I hope you had a chance to do the same, and hopefully this newsletter is a nice break from all of the other news flooding your inbox these days. 

As a reminder, there is a Spanish language option available for this newsletter. If you would prefer to have that one (or both) simply reply to this email and let me know.

If you have suggestions, feedback, or a story you would like to share, let me know! It may end up in the next newsletter!!!


WALK!!! Walking is your greatest 'technique' that is probably under utilized. Flying a sport kite? Walk towards your kite while flying it, and walk away from it. Both will drastically change your skills and flying. Flying a single line? Don't pull it in hand by hand, walk it down!! (Ok, maybe not all single lines, but still). The wind feels a little bumpy? Walk sideways and see if it changes how it feels!  When I say walk, I don't mean those tiny little shuffle steps on the dance floor. I mean gain some ground. Nice big steps with purpose. walk... walk... walk.


Join the folks at On The Line Kiting as they do a build a long of the popular and well flying single line glider kite called the Urban Ninja.  

Check them out there:

While there, why not subscribe to their channel and check out a few of the other build a longs they have done!


One of the long standing discussions about kites and kiteflying is what age is it 'for', or is there an 'appropriate age' to start? Nah. All ages are the right ages. You are never to young or to old to start any kind of kite flying, kite making, or kite enjoyment. Just do it. You only live once.  #yolo

Professional Kiteboarder and all around super nice guy Damien LeRoy shares this story of Harry Andrews and the Jupiter Crew. Reminding us that is never to late to start.

This video is from 2014, but is a beautiful look at how important kite flying is for a culture. Does it begin with the kids? Or are they taught by their elders?


There are some incredible stories happening out there and we aim to share them with you. Whether it is a personal account, an interview, or something that has happened that is worth noting, you might find it here! If you have a story you would like to share, let us know!

Prototype Testing Starts for SP80

SP80: the boat that will pulverize the World Sailing Speed Record in 2022 by reaching 80 knots (150km/h) "Here are exclusive images of the boat in motion on the water, designed by young engineers and students. Hope you'll enjoy them, as well as our new logo. One year after the official launch, SP80 takes on a new dimension and the rest of the journey promises to be more exciting than ever."

Click here to learn more: 

photo courtesy of IC TURKEY KITE MUSEUM IS TRYING TO STAND ON ITS OWN "Turkey's single kite museum in the Uskudar district on the Asian side of Istanbul has been trying to stand on its own feet amid the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. "I wouldn't think that I would find a museum dedicated to kites in the city," he told the Xinhua News Agency while gazing at the colorful kites in different shapes with admiration. Mehmet Naci Akoz, president of the Istanbul Kite Association and founder of the museum, told Xinhua that he created the 3,000-piece collection over 40 years and opened the museum in 2005. He visited over 35 countries to gather the kites to be displayed in the museum." READ MORE

photo courtesy of Ryan Morrill LBI Kite Festival Soars Despite Pandemic Restrictions

"Saturday morning dawned overcast and quiet, as a typical weekend day in the early off-season on Long Beach Island does. The quiet didn’t last, however; by the afternoon, the people and traffic in Ship Bottom looked as if the summer season had returned to the Island with a vengeance.  

There was no time travel involved; it was the sixth annual LBI Fly International Kite Festival.

One of the few major LBI happenings to take off since the pandemic arrived in March and grounded almost all events brought the crowds and the summer-like excitement to the beaches and streets of Ship Bottom and Long Beach Township. Families and friends flocked together in large groups to cross Long Beach Boulevard in Ship Bottom, while motorists drove through throngs more, looking for a parking space in the cutout between the old Bageleddi’s and Sugar Kingdom. It wasn’t much better on Central Avenue and the side streets. " READ MORE

Preparations are underway for a very special kite festival in two weeks. "Every year, the people of Sumpango, Guatemala, celebrate the Day of the Dead with giant, colorful handmade kites. The town, known globally for its massive All Saints Day Kite Festival, takes these creations very seriously. These giant kites are masterpieces that require great skill, patience and six months of hard work to construct. This ancient tradition, which dates back nearly 300 years, is also a way for residents to connect with the past. Some believe that the hum sound each kite emits when flown protects the souls of departed loved ones from bad spirits."

I would suggest connecting with the man featured in the video, Julio Roberto Asturias Chiquito here:

He is sharing the process and photos of the kites he builds publicly on his Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

The first We Fly Global Kite Conference was hosted in September of 2020, and was a wonderful success. Thank you to everyone that attended and participated. We are looking at hosting the next one in January of 2021. Stay tuned for announcements in this newsletter, on the website, and via the other Fortuna Found Channels for more information. If you would like to present, moderate, or have questions about the WFGK-C do not hesitate to reach out at


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