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October 12th, 2020 Kite Newsletter

I hope you have had a great last week and had a chance to read the first kite newsletter. I would love to hear what you think, or any suggestions you might have.  One of the biggest changes from last week to this week is that we now will have not only the English version but a Spanish language version available!  If you are interested in receiving the Spanish version, or receiving both the English and the Spanish version, please let me know and I will make sure the right email gets sent to you. 


The one knot you need to know that will help you with every kite is a Larks Head knot. Learn to tie it as a loop and also as a free end of string. A larks head is the best choice for attaching your flying line to your kite, attaching a tail to a pigtail, attaching straps to your sport kite lines and more. When under tension it is secure and will hold. When the tension is removed it is easy to undo and disconnect the parts. 


Published on the Fortuna Found Youtube channel this week was a build along with Nic O'Neill and Ron Gibian on some tips and tricks of cutting material while doing applique. 

Take Me to the Drive-In!!

While virtual events have been making a splash in 2020, so to has the idea of a drive-in or drive thru kite festival.  Spectators either drive to a designated spot and park in their car while the kites are flown overhead, or drive a path through a 'floating forest' of kites. While there have been a few 'drive up' kite festivals, this has been a fun and fresh take on keeping the kites flying and the crowds entertained.

Back in September the Kiwanis Indiana Balloon Fest hosted a drive through balloon and Kite festival, where attendees could still get a bit of the overall festival experience by not only driving past the displays, but also being able to drive thru the food vendors and other stands. There was even a make your own kite booth with a video that helped folks make a kite while at home. :)

Jupiter Kite Festival Show Kites


There are some incredible stories happening out there and we aim to share them with you. Whether it is a personal account, an interview, or something that has happened that is worth noting, you might find it here! If you have a story you would like to share, let us know!

A Family Flys For the World

Kite flying has made its way on stage at the hands of many pilots, including on the stages of America's Got Talent, Canada's Got Talent, and more. But, correct me if I am wrong here, this is perhaps the first time that a family has taken kite flying to that stage!

Link to the article in Italian, the flying starts in the video after about 1:20.   CLICK HERE

Say Hello to the Spur - A New Sport Kite

Originating from a previous project called Scope, the Spurs arose from a spur of motivation within the COVID-19 pandemic. The final product is a speedy ¾ sized kite encompassing solid pull and a deep yet recoverable backflip. The Spur series gives a pilot an ability to execute their style with intention and accuracy, while teaching said pilot to drive a kite into motion and then step back and enjoy the ride.

Flier support is never taken for granted, and the many fliers that have helped us with the build, processing our thoughts, and providing flight feedback are no exception. These people include the Trennepohl family, Carl Robertshaw, Chris Goff, Jim McEvoy, Gerald Trotman, Brett Marchel, and countless others.

The Spur series is built in the USA: Sails crafted by John McCracken, design and bridles by Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Sky Shark frames produced and built by Jon Trennepohl.

Photo courtesy of CKFA

The Colombian Kite Fliers Association (CKFA) hosted a building challenge aimed at both celebrating Colombian kite builders as well as folks around the globe. 

This group is worth checking out because not only have they been hosting these virtual build competitions, but they have also been having 'Coffee Chats' nearly every week discussing kites, art, and kitemaking. 

Check them out on Facebook here: CKFA FACEBOOKOne Sky One World was celebrated by many kite fliers around the world over the weekend. (Traditionally the second Sunday in October). Did you fly a kite for peace this weekend?

To see the thousands of folks that participated go to:

Photo courtesy of Monika Deupala

"The monsoon has retreated, there is a fresh westerly afternoon breeze, the sky is blue, the mountains are out again. Nepal’s kite-flying season is here. 

There was a time when the sky at Dasain was filled with colourful kites as almost every rooftop in Kathmandu Valley was flying kites. First it was movies on cable tv, then came mobile phones and the Internet, people were too distracted to fly kites anymore. 

This year, though, because of the spread of Covid-19 in Kathmandu, families are confined to their homes and the kites are back. The roof terraces are once more filled with children, and even adults, conducting test flights for the Dasain jamboree." READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


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