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May 3rd, 2021 Kite Newsletter

We have made it to the beautiful month of May and the chances to fly kites is increasing day by day! Hopefully you have had a chance to fly this past week like the thousands of other folks around the country, check out some of their stories below!

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Unraveling the Basics of Lines

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Kite lines are usually the last thing people think about, and one of the first things they complain about. Lines can make or break your flying experience, and they can turn a good kite into a poor flying one. There are many factors that go into line making and line selection, and knowing the differences between the various options can help you get the most out of your kite.

What is the difference between nylon, cotton, kevlar, and Spectra? Are there benefits to one over the other? Check it out in this weeks episode where host Nic O'Neill unravels the basics of lines.

Underwater Manta Kites for Tidal Power Harvesting

Underwater Manta Kites for Tidal Power Harvesting

It’s been a challenge to find sources of renewable energy that are as reliable as the grid would like them to be. And unfortunately, the renewables that are the most flexible and affordable at small scales (like solar and wind) tend to also be the least predictable in terms of output. Hydro and geothermal offer much more consistency, but they’re infrastructure intensive and location restricted.

An interesting alternative is harvesting energy from moving water, which in many cases is as reliable as the moon. Waves, tides, and currents are all potential power sources, some of which we’ve begun to leverage, but not in a way that can fill the same sorts of niches that solar and wind can—small scale, versatile, and affordable.

Kite-making master in Weifang City of east China's Shandong

Summer Kite Camp for kids!

Are you in Santa Barbara, or near there?? Learn to fly stunt and power kites on the beach through teamwork and focus with fellow flight enthusiasts. Ages 10-17. June 7-Aug. 13. $197-$237. East Beach (across from the Hilton S.B., 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd. Call (805) 837-9666 or email

Wind Festival ready to soar into its 18th year of flying kites

Long before social distancing was en vogue, kite flying was the type of activity that allowed an individual to have some personal space. Even as vaccines are distributed and COVID-19 restrictions gradually begin to relax, many folks still prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to gathering with others outside of their social circle. For those who do want to venture out but don’t want to get too risky, Wildlife West Nature Park’s 18th annual Wind Festival might just be the ideal event. “Here’s the beauty of it all: The kite field is wide open,” says park founder and director Roger Alink. “The nature of flying kites is you’re spaced out already because you don’t stand right next to somebody and fly your kite because it’ll get tangled up.


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