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8 Questions of a Kite Flier

Over the past year I have been working on a fun little side project that has kite fliers answering one question and asking a question for someone else. I published the first two of these interview videos in late 2019, and have a bunch more coming up. There are quite a few questions on the list, and I hope to share all of them at some point with all of the wonderful responses from all of the awesome kite people. For now, I will answer a few of them myself.

1. What is your favorite kite?

That would have to be my Skate from Paul de Bakker. I have a lot of emotions and memories tied into that kite.

It was the first gift he ever gave me as my life partner, and it is the kite that we fly together. There is something about flying that single line glider that is so peaceful and zen like. I really love spending time with it.

2. What is something on your kite flying bucket list?

Two things really that I am currently thinking about. One of them is a large kite installation piece that I have been working on. I would love to see that come to life. The other is going to the Cervia Art Kite Festival. That one has always piqued my interest.

3. The best color combination for a kite is ________

Not rainbow. Well, not rainbow for me. :) I am personally attracted to teals and blues with white and grey accents.


4. What is the best post-flight drink?

Beer... or something like a classic margarita. In reality, it is usually water or coffee for me immediately after flying. But, if we are talking about a drink with friends winding down from the day of flying... then yah I stick with my first suggestions.

5. What song would you be okay with never hearing again at a kite event?

Let's Go Fly a Kite - Mary Poppins . I shudder every time I hear it. I know the public has a good association with it, and sometimes it is needed.... but... if I had it my way that song would never again be played at a kite event.

6. What is something about kites that you don't like, but wish you loved or understood better?

Ooh.. this is a tough one. I wish I understood better the weird undertones that come up sometimes. Like the aversion from certain circles to being more connected online or using digital media. I hate to say it is a generational/demographic thing. It is something I have spent a lot of time studying and trying to understand.... but I don't think that is why this question initially came up. So, something I wish I loved or understood better... Pin Heads, or pin collecting. I don't get the obsession with kite pins.

7. What is something that drives you crazy that other kite fliers do?

Leave their lines unwrapped up when not in use. Particularly on a demo/performance field. If you are not actively flying or about to head out and fly, wrap it up. There is never an excuse for leaving your lines stacked out and waiting.

8. What is a problem you wish you could solve by kite flying?

This is one that I actually believe there is some real possibility of coming to life, and something that is near and dear to me. I believe that kite flying can help with various brain and motor skill function impairments, such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Strokes, etc... I have seen glimpses of it, and really want to see it actually be expanded and capitalized on.

Hey look... I even told a story about it in my TED talk!


Here are those first two videos by the way:


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