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2021 Kitemakers Conference

Here is a Note for the presenters and would be presenters of the 2021 Kitemakers Conference.

For those interested in joining the 2021 Virtual Kitemakers Conference, go register here:

1. Do I as presenter have to have a complete video produced and ready for the event? - No, you can do a live speaking seminar, a powerpoint style presentation, a video, a video that you stop and start throughout the time slot, a general panel, or even something else. Anything that feels natural for you. I will be on hand (or my counterpart) to handle all of the technical aspects and free up things for you as a presenter to share your topic. We can be there as moderators and actively guide the conversation, or we can be ghosts behind the scenes. Which ever is easiest for you to keep your flow going.

2. How many people are coming? - Unlike with some of the other events I have helped host, this one I set up a simple registration for would be attendees. At present there are roughly 50 people that have fully committed to tuning in, and every time I advertise on one of the various social media platforms, that number goes up. Expect more in the coming week. Typically with these events, we have seen 100-200 unique individuals in attendance throughout the day.

3. Will the sessions be recorded? - Yes, they will be recorded and loaded to youtube for future use and follow up.

4. Can I promote my own stuff, like my own other workshops, kits, websites, etc? - Absolutely, and if you want me to include that in the official announcements, on the website, and in the virtual 'conference room'; let me know and we can make it happen.

5. So is this a zoom call? - For this we will be using Google Meet, a software that is very similar to ZOOM. If you would like to do a test drive of the software ahead of time let me know. The next few weeks are rather busy at work but I do have free time in the evenings and on Sundays. There are some additional cool features within the software that may suit your specific workshop, and happy to work out those details one on one.

6. I have some drawings, plans, pdf's, files, etc... that I would like handed out to all of the attendees, what should I do? - We will have a community dropbox for the event that attendees can access. I will have that dropbox folder available for all of you to upload anything you would like. Please make sure that the name of your document is clear and easy to identify. The plan is to have seperate folders within the main folder so we can break it out by class.

7. How long is my time slot, and I don't think I can fill that amount of time, or I need more time!! - For the initial planning purposes individual workshops are going to be given 2 hour blocks with about 15-30 minutes between each block. You do not have to fill that full 2 hours, and if you think you will go over, let me know. We are trying to minimize overlap and 'zoom fatigue'. If you have a scheduling conflict or a priority (such as the international folks will be given the earlier in the day slots) please let me know. We should be able to accommodate it. At the moment, we are primarily looking at filling Saturday March 20th, with some potential extra sessions on Sunday, March 21st.

8. Can I do more than one workshop/presentation/panel? - YEP!!! Let me know and we will work it in.

9. Crap.... I hit a road block with my presentation/workshop.... and I don't know what to do. Shoot me a message ASAP. Facebook is the easiest, and email is second best. I am working a long work schedule at the moment, so it might be afternoon/evening before I reply, but I am happy to help with the creative side. One thing I have discovered from doing these events for not only kites but some other hobbies, is that the audience is very forgiving, and very hungry to just have you share your passion and love.

10. I know of someone else that would like to participate, is it to late? - NOPE!!! But do have them email me ASAP.


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