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World Maker Faire - New York Part 1

Wow.... just wow.... Have I said Wow? Because... wow. Where do I even begin? Of the 600+ booths, and 100 or so performers and lecturers, and all of the food vendors I saw maybe a tenth of them. Over the two days, we never really had a chance to go and interact or spend time looking at the other booths we were that busy. We thought we were busy like everyone else was busy, but as the day progressed on, we heard from many folks that we seemed like the busiest and best attended booth. Hate to toot my own horn here... but.. uhm... Toot toot!!!

On Saturday we easily did 750 kites, which is more than I have done in 2 days at a mini maker faire over the past 4 years. On Sunday, we did perhaps 400 kites. Add on to this the estimated 200 kits we simply gave away to teachers or others wanting to build one, that brings the grand total of kites given away at the World Maker Faire to 1350. On top of this I have a list of roughly 80 teachers, educators, and facilitators in New York City alone that are looking for kits for their classroom, and more information on how they can host workshops like this in their space.

The funny thing about us being so busy, is we almost didn't realize how busy we were. There were hints along the way, like when another maker came over and asked if they could play with flag banners on the hill where all of the kids were running with kites, we had no idea how busy the space was right in front of our booth till they called our attention to it!

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