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Portland Prep!

Guess what happens this weekend.... the Portland Mini Maker Faire! As far as prep this one has been a bit easier than the Seattle Mini Maker Faire or the World Maker Faire in New York. Teaming up with to provide their kite kits. These are really awesome, good quality kite kits made out of tyvek, and we love making them with kids and adults alike. They are well thought out, easy to make, and easy to decorate.

Also teaming up with Prism Kites, a leader in the kite industry for several decades. Chances are, even if you are not a part of the kite community, you have seen their stuff. It is bright, is colorful, it is great quality for price, and it is FUN!!!

And when I say fun.... I really do mean it. :) One of the founders, and current owner of Prism is Mark Reed, an amazing guy, with an incredible back story. Tomorrow afternoon I will meet up with him at our local small airstrip, hop into his self built plane and fly down to Portland. It is hard to tell what it is that Mark does for fun, versus what he does for work, be it building and flying his airplane, photographing Alaska (go to his instagram account 'Alaskafromabove') designing and flying kites, classical music, or one of the countless other 'things' that he loves.

I hope to do a short interview with both of them over the weekend and share it here. They have been friends of mine for almost a decade, and I would love to share some of the stories that I know they have!!! Look for more to be posted tomorrow and this weekend.

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