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May 17th, 2021 Kite Newsletter

What a beautiful week! The weather around here has been amazing, a lot of folks have also been out flying kites and spreading their love and joy of kites with the world. I wanted to send a personal thank you to all of you that are doing that. It not only brightens up the day for those directly close to you (yourself included) but it uplifts the spirits of others that might be passing by! Keep those kites up!

As always, if you have any questions, or comments, shoot me an email at:



Your airplane has crashed at sea. You are perched in a lifeboat and you need to call for help. Today you might reach for a satellite phone, but in World War II you would more likely turn a crank on a special survival radio.

These radios originated in Germany but were soon copied by the British and the United States. In addition to just being a bit of history, we can learn a few lessons from these radios. The designers clearly thought about the challenges stranded personnel would face and came up with novel solutions. For example, how do you loft a 300-foot wire up to use as an antenna? Would you believe a kite or even a balloon? Read more at :

OTTAWA - Larger than life kites will be flown in the skies above Ottawa on Sunday, May 23. Heritage Harbor in Ottawa will be the host site for the display by the Chicago Kite Company and Rich Crum, director of hospitality for Heritage Harbor, expects the event to be a great addition. “This family event has been in the works for a long time,” Crum noted. “We are very excited to host the Kite Flight for all to enjoy here at Heritage Harbor.”

Kites fly high during Great American Kites event in Marion MARION, Iowa (KCRG) - Around two dozen kites floated along over the Lowe Park Ball Diamond in Marion on Saturday as part of the Great American Kite event.

The kites ranged from all different sizes, from a giant Clifford the Big Red Dog to little streamers.

“We came here to light up the sky,” said Great American Kite owner Sean Beaver. “We fly kites so you look up. No matter what life hands us, we give something for people to look up to.”

This was the event’s first time in Marion. They have held events in North Liberty and Clear Lake’s Color the Wind event. Read more:

First of three videos highlighting our kiting activities while visiting mainland China for the first time. Xi'an is considered the heart of China. It was the designated location for the Sunshine Kite Inn Temple Fair of 2018. We decided to attend with the encouragement of our friend Mingjian Chen of Tianjin. We also met my teacher James Jen of Taiwan for the first time and Teacher Zhou (pronounced Joe) for the second time. Not shown were the number of gift kites we received and the banquet for the kiters that evening. We were treated with the greatest courtesy and respect. Literally everyone wanted a photo with us, and there were hundreds present! Trust me when I say that a short YouTube clip does not tell the whole story!

The SUL is the (almost) no wind version of Level One's popular BadAss sportkite. The pultruded frame combination and sail construction makes this kite 60 grams lighter (200 grams) compared to the UL version. Veeeeeery sloooooow in flight and tricks. This video was made in a barely noticeable morning sea breeze at Paal 7 beach, Terschelling. Enjoy!


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