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'Moves to Music' Follow Up

Q: This is your second time running a workshop about this topic, why did you feel a need to do it again?

A: Because I saw new fliers that could potentially use some input. I thought it might be something best to do at a regional event like WSIKF, vice nationals {the AKA Convention}, where most of the fliers attending are fairly well experienced and may not need it as much.

Q: As the one leading it, what did you take away from the workshop/discussion?

A: It was a beautiful interaction between kite fliers of all skill levels. it was more moderated than taught by me. the flow was very nice.

Q: We talked about finding music, and finding pieces that speak to you. What are some moods or feelings that speak to you. Yeah... we are going to get all touchey feely.

A: I don't know, I go for something that is energetic, that has a form of intensity, it could be slow and threatening. But it could also be happy and up beat intensity. The music needs to be versatile in style, it can't be too friendly, too fast, too slow, it has to be slow. It has to captivate me for four minutes.... it has to captivate you for four minutes.

Q: So, we should not fly to our own strange and funky music in front of the public, instead head out to the kite field and pop in the headphones and jam out. So, what funky music is in your headphones?

A: (as far as kite flying is concerned) I really like to listen to EDM and Hard Rock anything with guitars. Like 'Muse', 'Dio', 'Pink Floyd', stuff like that.

Q: Would you say it is a safe bet to fly music 'top 40' charts for performance?

A: It depends on what song it is. If it fits the criteria, why not.

Q: There really is no easy or definitive answer to what is the right music, is there"

A: No, of course not.

Q: Is there a 'right time' to fly to 'Let's Go Fly a Kite'?

A: I was told there was, and rightfully so.

Q: We didn't really touch on it, but what would you say to the new flier with concerns about stepping on the competition field with experienced fliers. Is intimidation a real concern of participating in competition?

A: Well I think, actually, in my kite life profile I answered that question. In my first competition in Europe I was competing against one of the top fliers in Europe at the time and I was nervous, but at the same time excited. If you are intimidated that is in your own head. You are not actively being looked down. So you can learn something from being there and competing against them.

Q: You didn't talk much about what actual tricks to fly to certain parts of music. Like a particular drum beat would mean doing a certain trick. Why not?

A: Because we never got to it, the conversation took on its life. It is something that needs to be covered a little bit more, but, I don't want to dictate or direct creativity. You can't write a prescription for the way things have to be flown. This is just works for me, the music is telling ME what to do. It may tell you something else.

Q: Do you want to do this workshop again?

A: Yes. If there is a need for it from people. This should probably be some preachy answer like "absolutely, because I had such a great time!!". Ha... okay, actually I did have a great time.

Q: So, what's next for you?

A: Headed to a new sport kite competition in Malaysia (Sept 26-30th 2018) representing the Netherlands against 11 other top freestyle competitors from around the world. It will be a combination of freestyle flying one-on-one between competitors, and ballet.

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