WFGKC Prizes & Awards

What is the WFGKC?  It is the We Fly Global Kite Challenge!!!  Find out more here

Did you know that by registering and participating you can win prizes and awards???  Make sure to check the main WFGKC page for details on how to register.


Registered participants will be selected at random 

Free - Registration Prize

This grand prize is available for those that are registering for the free option. Just one tho.... one grand stack!!  This prize is thanks to a sponsorship by Ocean Shores Kites. If you have a chance, you really should go find them on facebook or check out their website. Andy and Brenda (the owners) keep things simple... because they spend all of their time focused on kites and their customers. 

It is a ten stack of Deltas, with its own zippered case, estimated to be a value of $260!!!

Washington, USA

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