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Welcome to the home of the 'We Fly Global Kite Challenge' and 'Conference'. The WFGK- Conference is a virtual kite conference September 18-20th, 2020. 



Register for the WFGKC and receive reminders and up to date information.

Welcome to the inaugural WE FLY GLOBAL KITE CONFERENCE We are so excited to bring this unique global kite event to you!  There is an amazing worldwide community of kite fliers and this event is meant to bring us all together on a single weekend in a unified pursuit of our individual goals. Guess what..... you don't have to buy expensive plane tickets or make elaborate travel plans... you can do this from the comfort of your home!

So, you are probably asking 'So, what the hell is the WFGK Conference?!?!"

Let me break it down for you:

  • WHO IS THE WFGK-C FOR? Anybody can participate in this event. It is open to everyone of all abilities - from the experienced pro flier to the one just getting started and everyone in between. All shapes, all sizes, all ages, all kinds of kites. If you tether it and attempt to fly it.... you're in.

  • WHAT IS THE WFGK-C? It is a virtual kite festival and workshop conference hosted over a weekend in mid-september

  • WHERE IS THE WFGK-C? Best part about this, it is wherever you want that has a connection to the internet. All of the workshops, break out sessions and the whole kit and caboodle will be online!

  • HOW WILL THIS ALL WORK? It is actually pretty simple. You register right here. Once you receive your confirmation email, get to brainstorming. There are a few levels of registration from free to prize pack level, you can upgrade at any point, just let us know. By registering you are committing to doing something kite related and -we really want to emphasize this- sharing what you are doing on the day. More on that sharing thing is down below. 

  • WHAT WILL IT COST? Nothing but your time and maybe a touch of your enthusiasm. :)  The event is free for anyone and everyone to attend, however there will be options to buy various items. Purchases of these items will go to help defer the cost of running the conference (such as paying for the hosting software etc...) You are under no obligation to pay to attend any part of the conference.

  • WHAT IF I CAN'T ATTEND THE PART I WANT AT THE SCHEDULED TIME? No need to worry, we will be recording most of the workshops so that you can tune in and watch them whenever you want. One of the benefits of attending during the live presentation is the chance to chat directly with the presenter. If you are watching after and have questions, there will be opportunities for you to connect with the presenter or the other attendees. 

Saturday September 19th Sessions - REMAINING

5pm PST - Flight of the American Fighter Kite GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: (‪US‬)‪+1 347-354-4318‬ PIN: ‪349 500 789#‬

7pm PST - Sport Kite Elements GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: (US) +1 442-600-5211‬ PIN: ‪907 977 684‬#

Sunday September 20th Sessions

8am PST - Content Creators Roundtable GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: (‪US‬)‪+1 636-789-8059‬ PIN: ‪664 859 987#‬

9am PST - Not Paint, Applique GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: ‪(US) +1 929-999-1657‬ PIN: ‪689 590 364‬#

10am PST - Chinese Kite Story GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: (‪US‬)‪+1 573-500-0199‬ PIN: ‪985 141 182#‬

11am PST - Spinning Drogue GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE:(‪US‬)‪+1 208-715-5947‬ PIN: ‪370 053 121#

1pm PST - Long Distance Collaboration GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: (‪US‬)‪+1 319-449-0054‬ PIN: ‪832 051 920#‬

4pm PST - Fighter Kite Build Along GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE:(‪US‬)‪+1 904-900-0533‬ PIN: ‪261 656 575#

5:30pm PST - WFGKC Challenge Highlights GOOGLE MEET ID:

PHONE: (‪US‬)‪+1 470-705-3917‬ PIN: ‪722 269 499#‬

Last year I stood on the TED stage and s

There will be speakers either leading workshops and 'build alongs' or discussing their techniques, along with panel led discussions, or other individuals wanting to share something important


Competitions and Challenges will happen through out the weekend, and will range from building competitions, to more fun and spontaneous types of competition. Details will be published ahead of time for how to participate, with the final winners being announced the week following the conference.

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