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Putting Moves to Music

This workshop is for the novice through experienced range sport kite flier and is aiming to help out with music selection and interpretation/choreography choices for competition and demo routines set to music.


Paul de Bakker is a 7-time US champ at the Masters level and is sharing his tips, tricks and insight into putting together a solid musical performance. This workshop is about the dialogue and about the sharing of ideas.


To download a free copy of the workbook for this workshop 

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The videos below are taken from a live feed of the workshop at the Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington on August 26th, 2018.


Blog Posts - A Great Workshop Even with Hiccups

Part One - Intro, Your Audience, and Your Music

In this part Paul welcomes the group and kicks off the workshop. The discussion begins with a conversation about the importance of tailoring your performance to the audience that will be watching it.

Part Two - How do we pick our music?

In this part Paul discusses the criteria used to pick the right piece of music. Is your favorite song the right song to fly to?

Part Three - Changing Music

In this part Paul and the group talk about if and when you should change music. Say you have found the 'perfect' piece of music, love flying to it, and the crowd loves it, should you keep flying to it?

Part Four - Tempo, Type, Purpose & an Example

In this part Paul discusses with the group the importance of paying attention to the tempo of a piece, and the type or style of the music and your flying. Fly with purpose

Part Five - Competition vs Demonstration

In this part Paul discusses with the group whether there is a difference in approach to planning for a competition or for a demonstration.

Part Six - The Location, The Kite, The Audience

In this part Paul discusses with the group more about the importance of considering what kite, what location, and what audience you will have when you are picking and choreographing to music.

Part Seven - Technique, The Kite, Location

In this part Paul discusses with the group the importance of picking the right kite and the right location for the purpose. Technique is a critical aspect as well.

Part Eight - Skills & Tricks, Less is More, Finding Music

In this part Paul discusses with the group some skills and tricks you can use to make your performance look bigger and better and the importance of not cramming TOO much into your routine.

Part Nine - Wrap Up

In this part Paul wraps up the conversation with the room and adds some finishing thoughts. After this the workshop went into listening to some examples of competitors music and working on individual choreography.

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