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Welcome to the Playground. This is a place for you to play, for you to try, for you to fail, to try again, to succeed, to collaborate, to break, to generally just see what we can come up with when we all play together. The Playground is founded on some of the same principles of the Maker Movement, and keep that in mind as you peruse the topics and interact. 

First and foremost is a guideline that can be hard for some to grasp. But, when we take it to heart, what happens to not only ourselves but the spreading of ideas and knowledge is amazing. 

You do not own the idea, but you can own the execution. 

That statement right there is at the foundation for everything that might happen here on the playground. 50 people may all be working on the same idea, and they may come up with 50 different ways to make it happen. The core idea belongs to everyone. If you take the idea and run with it and create something that is now a product you are selling.... that is awesome and completely encouraged. Just remember tho, the idea is collectively owned. So pay it forward and help foster the spread of ideas and knowledge and help someone else develop an idea into something greater. 

There are no restrictions as to what kind of projects you work on here, as long as they are somehow kite related. So, if you are looking to build a kite and want to work together with a fellow artist, or perhaps you want to build a new fitting for a new piece of wind art, or whatever it is that you can think of.... get started now!!  

If you can think of something that is missing from this project or for the forums... speak up. Even if you don't know how to fix the 'problem', someone else might be able to and just raising the awareness might solve the problem.  Additionally, we will be gathering some of the tips, tricks and other useful tools found here on the playground and creating a 'creativity guide'. It will be an evergreen document, so if you think something should be included... SPEAK UP!!! Oh.. and have fun. :)

Here is a simple 'Welcome' Guide for First time users


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