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Kite World Records

I am fascinated by World Records, especially those that involve kites. After having been involved in helping to capture and record a few them, I have run into a series of frustrations. First up, THE world record authority Gunniess, does not recognize most kite records. There are some, and in the past they were a touch more receptive to recording them, however in the present day and age, unless it is a very generalized record (such as most kites at one time) they will not recognize it. Well, that is unless you pay for it. 

The other frustration I ran into was a patchwork of questionable record keeping. Mainly from the 1960's to present. Before then most of the records regarding kites were either witnessed and archived by Guinness, or they were clearly recorded in publicly accessible media. In an effort to help gather that information, even the most random of kite records, I have created this page. I will be working to update the information with the World Kite Museum (the official 'kite record' keeper).

If you have a record you think belongs, let me know. If you have documentation or more information about one of the records here, let me know. The more we can work together to save this information before those that witnessed them are gone, the better we will be going forward!

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