Welcome to the home of the 'We Fly Global Kite Challenge'.  The inaugural WFGKC will be on August 24th, 2019. It is a full day event from midnight to midnight and the point is to do something kite related. It is that simple!

Look for registration to open April 10th, 2019!!


Registered participants will have a chance to win prizes and awards for their efforts... So start thinking what you want to do on August 24th that is kite related.

Hey look !!!! A Facebook Event Page!


So, you are probably asking 'So, what the hell is the WFGKC?!?!"

Let me break it down for you:

  • WHO IS THE WFGKC FOR? Anybody can participate in this event. It is open to everyone of all abilities - from the experienced pro flier to the one just getting started and everyone in between. All shapes, all sizes, all ages, all kinds of kites. If you tether it and attempt to fly it.... you're in.

  • WHAT IS THE WFGKC? Probably the best question. First of all, this global challenge is like a DIY festival. It is a one day event. You can do it by yourself, do it as a group, do it with strangers. There are no restrictions on how you complete it, but the goal is to at some point on August 24th, 2019, you do something kite related.  If you go to the bottom of this page you will see a list of ideas on what you can do as a part of the challenge.

  • WHERE IS THE WFGKC? Best part about this, it is wherever you want. Beach, mountains, in your living room, downtown, at an art gallery, off the back of a boat, on stage. Just nowhere illegal. Yah... there are a few places you shouldn't fly a kite because of regulations and we encourage you to avoid these areas.... like active runways. Each country has different rules, and we can't list them all here. Use some common sense. 

  • HOW WILL THIS ALL WORK? It is actually pretty simple. You register right here. Once you receive your confirmation email, get to brainstorming. There are a few levels of registration from free to prize pack level, you can upgrade at any point, just let us know. By registering you are committing to doing something kite related and -we really want to emphasize this- sharing what you are doing on the day. More on that sharing thing is down below. 

Here is a list of ideas to try and do for the WFGKC. Try one, or try many! If you have an idea you would like to submit to the list for others to try, shoot us a message!!

  • Fly a kite for 24 hours

  • Build a kite from start to finish

  • Fly as many kites as possible

  • What makes a kite a kite? Tether something, and see if you can make it fly

  • Write a poem, haiku or song about kites

  • Shoot a documentary with kites as the theme

  • Combine your hobbies... Kites and skating? Kites and knitting, Kites and fishing?

  • Organize a kite festival or pop up event for your town

  • Teach someone how to fly a kite

  • Gift a kite to someone

  • Gift a bunch of kites to a bunch of people

  • Visit a kite store

  • Fly somewhere that people wouldn't expect to see a kite

  • Recreate a famous painting, and add a kite in the background. 

  • Change someones life through flight

  • design an outfit using only kite materials

  • Propose to a loved one with a message aloft

  • Good locations... are those that someone looks after. Show us a bag of garbage that you picked up while heading to your favorite kite spot.

  • Guerilla kite performance.... or is that Gorilla.... you decide.